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Roy Will Need Time

Monday 30th April 2012
Its looking more and more likely that Roy Hodgson will be given the England job, and some of his doubters have to look at his record.

Liverpool aside, Hodgson has done a good job everywhere he's been and I'm still convinced that given more time at Anfield, he would have turned it around. Add to that his international experience with Switzerland and Finland, and he FA are onto a winner.

Harry Redknapp was expected to take over, but for one reason or another, it hasn't panned out that way. It remains to be seen whether Harry told them he didn't want the job, or whether the FA were alarmed by Spurs' dismal run of form since he was linked with the job.

Either way, what I didn't like about Redknapp's supposed imminent appointment was that he said the tried and trusted players such as Frank Lampard, Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard were the way forwards for England. I disagree. I believe that we need a new era - out with the old, and in with the new. Despite what you may read, England do have some fantastic young players coming through. If we mix them with a bit of the experience we have then there's a potentially good side in the waiting.

Enter Roy Hodgson. He will get the blend right and he will take the national team forwards. But, it won't happen overnight. The fans, media, players and the FA all have to be patient. Players like Kyle Walker, Adam Johnson, Gary Cahill, Joe Hart, Micah Richards and even Andy Carroll are the future of the England team. Hodgson will not be afraid to use untried players if he thinks they're good enough. But if he loses a couple of games, we need to stay off his back.

The media are the biggest distraction. They like to build players and managers up when they're doing well and winning games but they also witch-hunt them when they're losing games.

Euro 2012 is just around the corner so the FA have to get this sorted as soon as possible. If they do go ahead with Hodgson, then good luck to him. Let's all get behind him and the team and hope they can make an impact, if not win, the European Championships.
Rob Wildey

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