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Sacking Sam Allardyce was the right move

Thursday 24th May 2018

Sam Allardyce’s time at Goodison Park has come to an end and Marco Silva is the forerunner in the race to replace the Englishman. The news was met with heavy criticism from those watching from the outside. Allardyce joined Everton at a time the club for struggling to retain their Premier League status and he managed to push them from the bottom of the table to a top-eight finish.

It was surprising the poor start Everton made after such a good campaign in 2016-17 and the progress they seemed to be making under Ronald Koeman. However, after Romelu Lukaku departed the club last summer for £75 million, they failed to make the right investment with the money acquired from his sales. When the calader flicked round as far as October, the hierarchy had had enough of the Dutchman and showed him the door as the team sat in 18th place.

Club legend and under-23 manager David Unsworth took the reins but fortunes remain against them as the club lost their European qualification and won just two out of five games. It took the club over a month to find another manager. They approached several coaches but all were reluctant to take up the job. Silva was being targeted, while still coaching Watford, but he refused to forsake his contract; although he was sacked in January after he fell short of expectation. The club turned to Sam Allardyce to save their season.

But it was quite obvious that Everton only settled for Allardyce out of necessity. The former England boss was clearly not their first choice. Ideally, the Toffees would have given him the job only till the end of the season, but Big Sam pushed for a longer deal guessing the fate that might befall him.

Allardyce’s appointment paid off as he revolutionized the team play with his style and helped them retain their Premier League status propelling them to midtable in the league.

But to say Allardyce is the reason for the club’s success is an overstatement. Several Everton fans feel Unsworth would have gotten the job done if he had been given more time, although finishing in top half might have been a stretch.

Yet, Everton games under Allardyce were difficult to watch - negative and dull. Fans were glad Everton survived their poor start, but at what cost? Since Allardyce’s appointment in November, the Merseysiders had just 213 shots at goal in the Premier League. The worst record in the league.

Fans watch their team to be entertained, but Allardyce has proved he is not able to build a team that can do that.

Fans would prefer to be entertained and finish 12th, then have to sit and watch a dull style of play and struggle their way through a season into 8th.

Evertonians had little liking for the man or what he was doing on the pitch. He was no better off the pitch, either. His decision to send Ademola Lookman out on loan, his reluctance to sign Cenk Tosun and his general demeanour just doesn’t sit well with the fans.

Everton now has a chance to sign a new manager and regain their fan base with their own brand of football again.

Outsiders will continue to question what Allardyce did to Everton fans, but they weren’t the ones that suffered through Allardyce games, whilst raking in a lot of funds doing it.

He had to leave and hopefully, Everton fans will be entertained next season, not just surviving.

Adebayo Temitope

Temitope, an ardent soccer fan. I may be based in Lagos but I watch as much European football as I can. I've been writing about football for several years, before I joined IRIAW you may have seen my work on The Football Weeks. I'm also a keen music fan

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