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2017/18 Premier League predictions

Monday 4th September 2017
Some things in football are absolutely nailed on and will happen without much question. Jose Mourinho will always have an issue admitting he is wrong, Arsene Wenger will spend 30p on a coffee from the nasty machine instead of heading for Starbucks and Jonjo Shelvey will pick up more red cards than he scores goals.

Here are a few of my favourite (as well as my least favourite ones) things that will definitely happen * across the course of the 2017/18 Premier League season:

Super 6 will not be won

Jeff's £1,000,000 is so safe that not even the combined powers of Motson, Lynam, and Stato could possibly hit six results on the nose. Some will come close, some already have, but that cash is probably going to sit under Jeff's desk until the end of the season - unless your mate's 21 team acca comes in, there's going to be no footy millionaires I'm afraid. You could, of course, try Perfect 10 from the Sportsman.com where you only have to choose the outcome of the game (win/lose or draw).

The wheels will come off for Tottenham

Football's ultimate nearly-men: Tottenham Hotspur had a seatbelt esque stripe on their kit a few seasons back in preparation for their inevitable end of season car crash - even the shirt designers knew they'd need it and it's very unlikely that 2017/18 will see any trophies added to the cabinet alongside Harry Kane's two Golden Boots and his 25m Swimming Certificate...

The Sack Race

Am I the only one that loves to have a few quid on the managerial sack race? I made a pot load on Claudio Ranieri and David Moyes last season but the race is going to be incredibly interesting this year. Will Stoke City lose patience with Mark Hughes? Is Pulis on his last legs at West Brom? Will the Wenger Out campaign gain traction early?

My money is on Frank De Boer first but the odds are shoddy - 1/2 with SkyBet!

A Lineswoman is unfairly undermined

Commentators, managers and even players have been accused of undermining the likes of Sian Massey-Ellis in recent seasons and, frankly, it's a disgrace. Female officials are just as capable as their male counterparts, if not more so in some cases (Mike Dean...).

They're a part of the game, accept it and embrace it - for God's sake!

Horror Injuries

Last season was Manchester United's turn for a slap in the face from the injury fairy as Luke Shaw and Phil Jones struggled, Zlatan copped an ACL injury and basically, every other player picked up some form of a knock as the games piled up.

Who's getting it this season? Do Chelsea look a bit fragile? Or will Leicester City's ever decreasing squad fall foul of a few nasty injuries? Whoever it is, a few horrors are virtually guaranteed.

Ridiculous Hairstyles

Is the top knot dead yet? Or the greased back, gaping maw of a parting style quiff? Maybe the Alice Bands will be back - who knows! All we do know is, with Paul Pogba in the Premier League, there's going to be a few shockers.

Rafa Benitez will works his magic

While the graphics have changed since Rafa's famous magic screen wipe, the Spaniard has a knack of being in the right place at the right time for a full on footballing belly laugh.
*In saying things will definitely happen I understand they could not, as that is the unwritten law of football.
Kristian Webb
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