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Sergio Aguero V Harry Kane: who is better?

Wednesday 14th February 2018

Before anyone gets into a hissy-fit, both Kane and Aguero I consider world-class. I’m not like Alan Shearer who, last season, said the Argentine was the only world-class player in the league. Harry Kane has hit 20+ goals in the Premier League in 4 consecutive seasons while Aguero has hit 4 goals or more on three occasions. But it’s always interesting to analyse players at the top of the game. For some reason we all persist to compare Ronaldo and Messi, despite them being different types of players and deployed in different positions throughout their careers.

Kun vs. Kane: Playing styles

Standing at 5’8, Sergio Aguero’s game is very much played on the ground, his speed and low centre of gravity makes him difficult to shrug off the ball, especially when he’s in full flow. He joined City just over 6 years ago for £38m and that looks like a bargain now. With an average of 0.7 goals per game in the league, he has the best minutes-per-goal record in Premier League history of any player with more than 2 seasons under their belt. His sole weakness is in the air, but the power in his shots more than make up for that.

Harry Kane meanwhile, has been somewhat of a late bloomer. The Spurs graduate was sent on numerous loans by previous managers. In came Pochetino and the rest was history. The English hitman has become one of Europe’s top strikers over the past ¾ years with a goalscoring record that’s comparable to the continent’s elite. This was topped in 2017, where over the calendar year, he made history by scoring the most amount of goals in a single year in the Premier League, while also topping Europe’s scoring charts for the year. He’s arguably the most complete striker in the league, with the ability to play as a target man, can bring his teammates into play, good in the air, can shoot with both feet.

Both players are at the top of their game, with Aguero at 29 and Kane five years his junior, will the Spurs marksman go on to eclipse Aguero? Will Real Madrid lure him away?

This season: story so far

If it wasn’t for the fact that Kevin De Bruyne has been playing like a supreme being, we’d all be talking about Harry Kane’s continual goalscoring exploits, having hit 23 in the opening 25 games, but yet he still cannot score in August. The Walthamstow-born striker has hit six braces and two hatricks.

Sergio Aguero is the top beneficiary in Europe’s best team this season, with 21 goals from 20 starts and a 30% shots-to-goals ratio. The former Atletico hitman has hit a brace, two hatricks and most recently, a second half quad against the Foxes.

Both players have been averaging over 20 goals per season for the previous three seasons, the best in the league and world-class finishers. For both players, they’re fortunate to have the best attacking midfielders playing behind them in Christian Eriksen and Kevin De Bruyne.

This ought to be the year that both players are in the Team of the Year as inexplicably, Aguero has not made it into the Team of the Year.


I was never going to give you a who is better, because they’re both playing equally as well in sides that complement and bring the best out of them. Let’s just appreciate the quality of strikers we have in the league!

Tyrone Chambers

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