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Seven Crazy Footballer Sackings

Sunday 28th February 2021
From Kung Fu kicks to French talent shows, these antics are some of the craziest in football.
From Kung Fu kicks to French talent shows, these antics are some of the craziest in football.

Some footballers do seem to go out of their way to get sacked by a club, sometimes it is pure red mist or sometimes they just do not think about the consequences of their actions. We take a look at some of the craziest sackings to have occurred in the beautiful game.

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Jeffrey de Visscher  

The former Aberdeen player, Jeffrey de Visscher, was fired by FC Emmen in his native Netherlands after he was caught by police defecating at the side of a road, allegedly drunk driving...

The Dutchman argues his sacking was due to a lack of playing opportunities, but some would say that’s a load of sh*t... 

De Visscher managed just one goal in 32 league appearances for Aberdeen and after his sacking from Emmen, he had a couple of spells with lower league sides in the Netherlands before retiring in 2016. If only he’d have held it in... 

Johnny dos Santos  

The Brazilian defender, known as Sasa, was sa-sacked for what was surely one of the most violent acts committed on a football pitch. 

Sasa wasn’t content with the four minutes’ stoppage time decided by the referee, with his side Independente trailing 1-0. He decided to take issue with the official after the final whistle and walked straight over to perform what can only be described as a karate kick to the upper body of the referee, sending him flying to the floor...

Everybody loves Kung Fu fighting, but there is a place and a time... 

Dennis Wise  

Callum Davidson learned a valuable lesson on Leicester City’s 2002 pre-season tour of Finland – never play cards with one of the ‘Crazy Gang’. Dennis Wise was sacked by the Foxes after punching his teammate, breaking his jaw and nose following a disagreement during what was probably not a friendly game of snap. Wise appealed on the grounds of unfair dismissal and eventually won the case, but not before the company in charge of the club had gone into administration. 

Mystery player  

Reports from Ghana suggested a Nigerian player was sacked from a Slovenian club after impregnating the president’s daughter. This player’s identity was never revealed in order to protect him. The club cancelled his contract on the grounds of ‘gross misconduct and indiscipline’, so the player returned to his home country to avoid any backlash...

Lee Clark  

It’s okay to support Newcastle United when you play for Sunderland. It’s not, however, okay to support Newcastle United wearing a T-Shirt saying ‘Sad Mackem B*stards’ in the Wembley stands of an FA Cup final when you play for Sunderland. Lee Clark, unfortunately, learned this the hard way and was subsequently dropped by the ‘Sad Mackem B*stards’ before moving to Fulham. He later admitted it was a mistake to join the club in the first place. Is that really the mistake here? 

Adil Rami  

French centre-back Adil Rami boasts an impressive CV, including a World Cup win with his country, 36 international appearances, and top-flight spells in Italy and Spain. Professional? You’d think so. However, while playing for Marseille in 2019, the defender missed a day of training without the club’s permission to record an episode of the French reality TV show Fort Boyard (similar to The Crystal Maze and there was a UK version presented by Melinda Messenger and Leslie Grantham shown on Channel 5 in the late '90s). He was then sacked for ‘gross misconduct’ before moving to Fenerbahçe two weeks later.  

Rami claimed he missed training due to an injury, but he didn’t look very injured when performing stunts on TV that same day. 

Patrice Evra  

What is it with footballers and Kung Fu kicks? Eight studs on each boot and you suddenly turn into Jackie Chan? Evra was warming up for a Europa League game against Vitoria when he took exception to a shout from one of his own fans, before responding with a boot to the supporter’s face. He was banned from all European competitions for seven months and then was dismissed by his club Marseille. Ain’t that a kick in the head... 

Tom Clarke

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