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Why Tottenham Hotspur could end up finishing outside the top six

Thursday 24th August 2017
Tottenham Hotspur are in a time of real change. The club have been contenders for the Premier League title in recent years, whilst producing some of the best home-grown talents as they move into their temporary home, Wembley. There are numerous factors that contribute towards Spurs' success, however, this could all be about to change.

As an average, over the past two years, the club have performed the best in the Premier League, finishing third and second in their seasons. This success all came whilst playing at their infamous home ground, White Hart Lane, a place that they could really call home as they fans developed an exciting atmosphere for Pochettino's men.

However, it's a completely different ball game this season as they're due to play all their home games 14.2 miles across the capital at Wembley. While their new home has a significantly higher capacity, it's different. The tiers are higher, fans perhaps further away from the pitch and the players have not adapted well to the stadium, as their Champions League campaign last season showed. Home form is crucial to success for any football club, if a team cannot obtain a home advantage it is likely to increase the belief in the away dressing room, leading to Spurs giving away crucial points over the course of the Premier League season.
It's been well highlighted over the summer with the lack of signings that Daniel Levy has allowed Pochettino to make so far. With Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and others investing heavily in new recruits, they've left Spurs in their wake as the club have failed improve their side.

Instead, they've allowed one of the best English defenders, Kyle Walker, leave to a rival, replacing him with an unproven youth protege. This is not a substantial method of improving a squad, they've failed to make the grade in terms of winning the Premier League over recent years, surely Levy should be looking to strengthen, not profit, over the lengthy summer transfer window? The lack of signings really could leave Spurs behind as their rivals have all conducted good business over the transfer window already.

Danny Rose, another of Tottenham's home-grown talents, not only has publicly expressed his wishes for his club to sign more and better players, but also over the wage gap between Spurs' and other top clubs'. The difference is huge, with Rose reportedly on just £30,000 a week, much less than what his former team mate, Kyle Walker, now earns at his new club. In turn, this could spark a feud between the players who could eventually want out of the club, as they look to improve their career in financial terms. Could you really blame a top professional football player for moving to a rival club in order to earn four, maybe five times their current salary? While I respect loyalty, common sense must play a part too.

With the strength of the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and now even Everton, Spurs could find themselves in real trouble this season. The early warning signs are there for ultimate failure, it certainly will be an interesting season yet again for Pochettino's men.
Jack Drury
19 years of age. Sport and Exercise Science Student at Loughborough University. Peterborough United.

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