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Tensions high: Man United fans went too far with Ed Woodward

Thursday 30th January 2020
Edward Woodward is hardly flavour of the month, but nobody deserves to have their private life intruded on like that...
Edward Woodward is hardly flavour of the month, but nobody deserves to have their private life intruded on like that...

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Association football often brings out either the best and worst in people. Whether you're coming together to celebrate a huge team victory or debating a rival fan, emotions often run high. Simply put, there's no middle ground; supporters tend to sit at either end of the spectrum. Sometimes the line is crossed.

This week, Manchester United fans went too far. Edward Woodward's house was attacked by what can only be described as hooligans donning balaclavas and setting off flares. On a humanitarian level, who in their right mind would spend their evening terrorising another person - particularly one who could well have been sat at home watching some television with his wife and kids. It really is jarring.

I get it, as a Red Devils fan myself, I understand that Woodward isn't flavour of the month right now. The football-side of business at Old Trafford does feel somewhat neglected, but resorting to violence and singing *those* vile chants is not what being a football fan is about.

What are these hooligans hoping to achieve by turning up at his house? All they've done is put a bad name on the fans who have protested peacefully and campaigned for what they believe in within the proper boundaries. The press are (rightly) having a field day with this story, condemning these folks who, in my opinion, simply shouldn't be allowed within a mile of any football stadium in the world if caught. As the club rightly said in a statement, fans expressing their views is one thing, though criminal damage and intent to endanger life is just unacceptable.

What's frustrating to me is that The Glazer hate only comes around when struggling on the field. These thugs weren't attacking houses when Robin van Persie was firing United to title #20 yet at the time the Old Trafford club were under the same ownership. Thankfully, the Reds did dip their toes into the water and make a big signing in the form of Bruno Fernandes. I'd like to think that this addition will ease tensions somewhat - though I do agree that more is needed for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to truly compete.

I don't mean to keep harping on, but he's human. Can you imagine if someone did something like this to you and your loved ones? Under no circumstances is this acceptable. Some have actually gone as far as claiming that this was all a setup and although I don't buy into the idea, you should definitely check out this thread from a United fan whom I usually disagree with more often than not...

At the end of the day, Woodward is just doing his job. Where the Glazer family is concerned he's doing an extremely good one as profits continue to skyrocket despite on-field struggles. Obviously, fans hold a completely different meaning of the word success and trust me, I'm wholly behind you on that one. This isn't me saying stop voicing your opinion, rather, just do it in a proper manner, eh? We all want the same end-goal so let's stick together rather than make the divide even greater...

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