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The Budget Cap?

Saturday 25th June 2011
£80 million for Ronaldo, £56 million for Kaka and Torres for £50 million. Not bad if you have the money but as we have seen not many clubs do. It is no longer the team with the best manager, the best tactics or organisation. It is the team that simply has the most money.

Chelsea have done it, Man City are doing it, it is no longer about football anymore, if some rich oil baron throws his endless pile of gold at a club then it isn't long before the footballers' "greed senses" pick up and they switch clubs and triple their wages for no apparent reason. You surely can't have that kind of cash dominance controlling a sport, it's as soon as you let that happen that it no longer is a sport and it becomes more of a franchise.

The solution? well I know that some of you will think that this won't work and I'm sure that you will find loopholes in this idea. But I digress, if there was to be some from of transfer fee cap then the richer clubs couldn't have the dominance over poorer teams because of their finances alone. Lets go for a starting figure of £35 million, this would give enough money for the market to remain competitive and it wouldn't take all of the power away from rich clubs, that's not what I'm trying to do here, what I am trying to do is make the sport more viable.

This restriction will give the managers with the large kitty a choice, they either spend their whole budget on one superstar, or play the game conservatively and buy 2 or 3 good players, it adds another aspect to the transfer market and gives the rich clubs a dilemma rather than them spending widely at every chance.

Or even the unspeakable might happen, these clubs may spend their riches investing in the youth of the game, which is something that has come under scrutiny recently. With the remainder of their riches they can improve facilities for young players, they can help grass-roots football progress because to be honest the quality of our pitches in England is appalling compared to somewhere like Holland.

So this cap could benefit England in two ways, our Division wouldn't become so money run and the youth would be brought forward with much better quality facilities on their side, and hopefully go someway to producing an England team that could end the 46 years of hurt.
Andy Element

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