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The Fall Of A Footballing Giant

Tuesday 17th January 2012
Brazilian football has lost its magic. That's a cruel fact no-one can deny anymore. Yet for more than 10 years, it's all we have done, until Barça's overpowering 4-0 victory over Santos at the World Club Cup, in December, brought us back to our sad reality.

Not everyone in Brazil was surprised by the supremacy of the Spanish team. But, differently to what is said all over the world, Brazilians do not love football that much. We love our clubs, we love playing it on weekends, but very few of us really like spending hours in front of the TV watching games, especially the international ones. Besides, we have a huge ego. We do prefer to think our teams are as good as the best European ones. In fact, ours are a lot better, they just do not have the same marketing. When it comes to football, we strongly believe that we are superior and nothing is ever going to change it.

The media, of course, plays a big role in this. For them, the game is an incredibly valuable product. Those who dare to disagree are sent to the lions - they're the number one public enemies of the people who control football in this country.

Things started to change in December. Although Barcelona have been Kings of the world of football for the last three years, most Brazilian people felt shocked after seeing the powerful Santos and new national superstar, Neymar, being treated like that. They weren't ready for such a massacre, and didn't expect Barcelona to be so much stronger than Santos.

It's time to change the national mentality and start playing like Brazilians again, Brazilian football needs a complete reformulation. But do we have the time to do it before the next World Cup? Probably not. We're way behind other important countries like Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and even Uruguay, so catching up won't be easy but unfortunately I don't think the guys in charge of making these changes know how to do it. To be honest, I don't believe they want to.

Perhaps another 'disaster' this time at the World Cup being held in Brazil is what we really need. A complete reconstruction sometimes is only possible after a complete destruction. It's another sad truth we'll have to deal with sooner or later.

Fabiano Tatu

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