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"The Final Insult": Howard Webb and The Prisoner of Stamford Bridge

Tuesday 7th February 2012
Pundits love to laud Manchester United with comeback credit "they never know when they are beaten" "they must score...they ALWAYS score", and if they don't score then they have Howard Webb's Wizardry. Webb has awarded close to 20% of his penalties to Manchester United appears to at least semi-statistically have a love affair with the team from Old  Trafford. As from May 2011 Manchester United have a 77% win ratio with Webb in charge, Chelsea's 38%, awarding 3 penalties in compassionate I mean comparison to Chelsea's 1.

In Webb's last 10 visits to Old Trafford he has awarded spot kicks to the home side in 6. United themselves have been awarded four penalties in their last two games, the dynamics of United getting decisions in the penalty box is an entirely different matter, its fantastic once the opposition have finally released the shackles of fear that most teams inherently experience when playing United, have referee's done the same? The art of "winning a penalty" still seems dubious particularly as Sky lose hair and projectile vomit into camera's when a foreign player is "felled" in the box. But turns a blind eye to an English man's indiscretion, Sky must take their role as Premier League broadcaster seriously, Fergie named referee's, linesmen in Sunday's game and previous games this season, in a rant aired in full by Sky, AVB's right to reply was cut "short on time" - was their excuse, when its left the excellent Gary Neville to bring parity to Sky's output you realise how lazy they have become.

"I completely disagree with the FA about the John Terry decision and I have told that to the chairman." The court will decide. It's going to be civil justice, not sports justice, to decide if John Terry committed the crime that he is accused of. "I considered and still consider Terry as the England captain. I think we first should wait for the trial conclusion."

Its a woeful statement the more and more I read it the more angry it makes me. It's the statement of a man who earns £5million + for promises he hasn't kept and promises he could not deliver a man who is still governed by Italian sensibilities and is off in a matter of months regardless. Capello's CV was probably the best of any England manager before him, yet his quite irritating persistence on supporting John Terry is threatening to polarise the English fan base into two distinct camps, a core somewhat hooliganistic element who find it perfectly acceptable to boo Rio Ferdinand by association, that think a handshake should solve any problem, who believe the England captain should be and is beyond reproach and reprimand and those who think that John was caught on camera using language that on person who represents this country should ever ever use.

The FA has given licence for people to behave this way, for the man they pay to violently undermine their actions. They fly out to Switzerland to defend a Manchester United player from a perfectly justified ban, and in the same breath charging and banning a Liverpool player based on an accusation from another (Manchester United) player, in the meantime not charging the England captain despite having video evidence of racial abuse, whilst awaiting the CPS. They would rather have Rooney for one game than deal with a racist leading out the team at the tournament they pay a man £5million a year to win.  Incredulous.

Its too late to strip Terry now its not as if he is a prisoner in jail, waiting for a sentence, he is drinking Lucozade sport and sitting next to Ramirez under the instruction of the Chelsea PR team persumably. Why wasn't he charged, and suspended from international football there and then? Why doesn't his club or any club have the character to recognise wrong and act on it? Rio and Anton who themselves can come forward and tell us what is really going/went on instead of choosing to stay silent and save it for the biography is allowing other to speak for them. Matt Dickinson of The Times left Ferdinand scrambling to defend himself on twitter this morning has suggested that Ferdinand's BBC Football Focus interview was orchestrated to highlight the division between Ferdinand and Terry who "Couldn't care less" whether Terry played on Sunday... the pot is well and truly being stirred.

A manager who undermines the Football Association and is completely out of touch with the mood of the nation, a squad of millionaires torn apart by infidelity at one end of the spectrum and racism at the other. Why should we care about International Football, when the individuals involved only seem to care about themselves?
Wole Odetoyinbo

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