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The most annoying things from the 2017/18 pre-season

Thursday 10th August 2017
Is there anyone who truly enjoys pre-season football? The players openly admit (after retiring) how little they enjoy their trips around the world and would no doubt prefer to have a few more weeks at home with their families instead of traipsing around a sponsor laden holiday camp with a few exhibition matches to occupy them.

Here's a run down of the most annoying things that have happened in this year's pre-season ramble:

'I'm sorry, what time!?'

As some of you may be aware, I utterly adore Manchester United. I'm content to watch football from anywhere in the world, at any level, but I am United through and through... Until they play Manchester City at 2 o'clock in the morning, that is. It must be difficult for the American, Asian and Australasian fans to keep up with live Manchester United games throughout the season, but it's just not something I can do for such little reward.

I don't even get up at 2 am to watch Game of Thrones!

'Does This Really Matter?'

The International Champions Cup has to be the least important, most ridiculous sounding competition any football fan has ever encountered. Were it not for the Check-A-Trade Trophy, the International Champions Cup would be the Champion of awful tournaments.

The scoring system made no sense (2 points for winning on penalties?!), the teams also made no sense (most of them weren't champions) and it seemed only Manchester United, Manchester City and Spurs bothered taking anything resembling a first team.

'...Brought to You By Heineken'

Obviously, most of us caught up with the matches a fair few hours after they were played and sparking my Sky+ box into life to watch Manchester United v Real in the USA was something I really looked forward to. However, I had to turn the commentary off after roughly 11 minutes after John Champion told me eight times between kick off and the 11th minute that the programme was brought to us (sponsored) by Heineken.

America has much to answer for in terms of advertising...

'The Confederation's Cup Means Nothing'

The above is a quote from my local pub and I think we can all say we completely agree with it.

Granted, we got to see Mexico, Portugal, Germany and Chile in postseason action (though there were a lot of B team players) but to include Russia (as hosts), New Zealand, Cameroon and Australia... You may as well host a tournament with Real Madrid, Barcelona, Chelsea, PSG, Luton Town, Forest Green, Doncaster Rovers and Coalville Town FC.

It was rather obvious who was going to make the Semi-Finals...

'The Transfer Market is Slow'

Of course, the bloody transfer market is slow! How can deals be completed if the players are on the other side of the world signing autographs instead of training? Combining the Confederations Cup, the youth international tournaments, extended pre-season tournaments for clubs and the general messing around most clubs have been doing - are you surprised Spurs haven't signed any players!?

How Neymar had time to arrange his escape from Barcelona is beyond me, never mind how Gylfi Sigurdsson intends to slip away from Swansea!
Kristian Webb
A Manchester United fan who actually knows where Manchester is; I'm the chief writer for AccumulatorTips, ForzaSwansea and a contributor to WhatCulture's video game section. I'm a professional proofreader, content author and SEO Expert but that doesn't mean there won't be the odd grammatical error!

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