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The Premier League TV money breakdown

Saturday 27th May 2017
When it comes to the Premier League TV money is a big deal to everybody. Especially if a club has just been promoted from the Championship. It is vital that a club has a big source of income each year as much of it is spent on expenditures such as wages. One of the main incomes in football these days comes down to TV rights.

Dependent on where a club finishes in the league they get a certain lump sum at the end of the season. For the team that finishes bottom as of the 2016-17 season, they receive £1.9M for their position. Next place up in 19th receives £3.8M and this increases by £1.9M for every place up the table.

After Chelsea won the title they received £38M for their final position (up £14m from the amount Leicester City was a in 2015/16). Many fans perceive this as unfair on other teams due to a team being successful and then they get more money than everyone else. It also increases the number of games they are allowed on TV. Giving Chelsea even more money than everybody else yet again.
TV deals are lucrative and highly sought after. Every club will be rewarded with £84.4M from Sky Sports and BT Sport. There is also an extra minimum of £13.6M and then £940k per match televised.

The TV share that all clubs got the year before was a lot lower. Every club received just under £56M to this seasons £84.4M. This shows how much bigger of a deal it is to every single club that stays in the Premier League.

Every single season the TV rights deal increases. There is more incentive than ever for teams wanting to finish as high as possible in the table to get the most winnings. The deal for the TV rights from 2016-19 will cost just over £5Bn. Sky Sports have paid the biggest deal for 126 live games a season resulting in a £4.2Bn deal. BT Sport has paid £960M for 42 live games a season.
Sky are contracted to having 12:30 P.M. games on Saturdays while BT host the 17:30 P.M. kick-offs. Sky also hold the contract for 13:30 P.M. games on Sundays and 14:00 P.M. games. They can also show games at 16:00 P.M. on Sundays as well. Sky's other package deals include Monday and Friday night games as well as bank holiday games. BT Sport also has the rights to midweek games to their advantage.

This goes to show how important televised games are as many football fans demand to watch games throughout the season even if their team isn't playing. It's important for TV services because they want to keep customers and that's how they make their money. Millions of people in England are subscribed to a certain TV service. Just think also how many bars and pubs are subscribed as well. People all around the world watch the Premier League because it is so popular.

More and more people are starting to watch the Premier League on TV and it is growing with interest in numerous countries. The sport is expanding in the USA and more fans are watching the Premier League as well as the MLS. With every season passing, money is just going to skyrocket per year. Who knows what sums of money teams could be earning in 10 years time.
Jamie Kynaston

For my sins, I'm a season ticket holder at Stoke City, I have been proud to watch them for over 20 years. I follow most of the UK leagues and the major European ones too, and I've been told that I talk way too much about football.

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