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The Price Isn't Right

Wednesday 20th July 2011
If a player no longer wants to play for a club it is surely only a matter of time before he moves on. Regardless of the stature of the player or the club, the fact that the player is no longer 100% committed is usually enough for fans and everyone involved to accept that the player has to go.

In the current market with the focus turns to profit, money and asking price which subsequently becomes an integral part of the decision. Rightly so as technically the player is an employee of the club and if the contract isn't fulfilled then it is the selling club's right to be entitled to compensation.

It would be ridiculous for clubs to accept lesser offers purely due to the demands of the player, especially when the difference is not just a few quid but millions of pounds that would be fundamental to the club as a business. As we all know if the business is not run correctly then fans will have much more than the departure of a star player to worry about. 

Ok in Cesc's case he may not be desperate to move and happy to stay for longer, but is this enough?

What a player wants is still a significant bargaining tool (which some teams are taking full advantage of to drive the price down), after all they are real people who have families and kids and of course luxury homes. Let alone a chance to choose which of the top clubs in the world they would like to play for. So if they are in demand, why can't they progress with their career as they wish?

It comes back down to the piece of paper with their name on it again that entitles them to the millions of pounds that have built their luxury homes.Commitment to the fans, who I am sure they never intend to let down in any way, also comes into focus.

So what is more important, this commitment or what the player wants personally? Is it greed? In some cases yes with wages as high as they are, but is that the player's fault? Are they genuinely thinking about winning things rather than the cash?

Ultimately if the player wants to move on should he be held to ransom? 

Joe Sage

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