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The Sack Race triumphs at first ever Bubble Football World Cup

Wednesday 23rd July 2014
Website thesackrace.com was recently invited to take part in one of the newest forms of the beautiful game, the sport that is "Bubble Football", editor of the site Jack Kitson provides his report on the latest craze.

The Sack Race was fortunate enough to be invited down to Maximise's “Bubble Football World Cup” event at City Temperley (Canary Wharf) on Tuesday in order to take part in the frantic, vivacious and absolutely nutty sport of Bubble Football.

The tournament was administrated by Xtreme Soccer, and organised by Maximise, one of the UK's leading Stag Do companies, who host a superb array of audacious activities and energetic events. Top of the pile is Bubble Football which has exploded in popularity on these shores in 2014, having debuted in Norway a few years ago.

The premise is to simply smash into everyone in an opposing bubble (and on occasions your own teammates!), with the hope of scoring as many goals as possible, amid all the carnage. The unique sport has instantly become a huge hit - just take a glance at a video and you'll see why - with men and women of all ages slipping on the bubble and proceeding to hurl themselves at the opposition in a spirited, yet no holds barred manner.
The “Bubble Football World Cup” featured six teams, with the Sack Race's squad consisting of a quintuple of writers, who were joined by teams from the Daily Star, Daily Express, Four Four Tweet, Footy Matters, and also Maximise themselves. The tournament split the six teams into three groups - we were pitted in Group B against the Daily Express and Footy Matters - with the table-toppers then competing in the Grand Final for a chance to win the coveted World Cup trophy.

To our advantage we were the last side to take to the field, which meant we thought that we had a decent grasp of what lay ahead…however nothing prepares you for the carnage that ensues. Once kitted up the whistle blows and you instantly find yourself in the middle of a barrage of bumping bubbles, with diving, crashing and colossal collisions all whole heartedly encouraged. We were also lucky enough to have the action officiated by a "sexy referee" who thrived on handing out a plethora of yellow cards, while there were a fair few controversial calls!

The Sack Race's original aim was to avoid being humiliated, but to our surprise we enjoyed a flying start after conjuring up a 4-1 victory over the Daily Express. Our next match was an enthralling 3-2 win over Footy Matters, which meant we suddenly found ourselves in the Final against Group A champs Four Four Tweet.

The crunch clash proved to be a tight and tense affair, with a lorry-load of early hammer blows and bone-crunching crashes setting the tone. We took an early lead, and seemed to be holding on for an unlikely victory, only to concede an equaliser with just a minute left on the clock. However, we somehow regained our composure and stormed up the other end, and after a neat bit of play, we fired in a last-gasp winner.

The Sack Race team may have been ecstatic at the final whistle, but Bubble Football is a sport where the taking part definitely takes precedence over the match result!
Jack Kitson
Massive Southampton fan, loving being back in the Premier League but cannot get enough football to feed my addiction.

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