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There Goes The Greatest Ever Ranger.

Friday 21st October 2011
You know that there must be a problem when the man that symbolises the most successful club in world football for 50 years resigns. Only the statue of John Greig remains in Govan today as the legendary player walked out of Ibrox as he was frozen out of off the field activities within the club. The media have portrayed Craig Whyte as some sort of dictator. One by one he guns down members of the board and ticks them off his checklist in order for him to gain control of the club he supports.

Greig has not had a say in how the club is run since Whyte's £52.5 million takeover bid was accepted. This sparked immediate suspicion that Greig had a vote of no confidence in regards to Whyte's financial sustainability of the club. His resignation clears that up and with the media getting too close for comfort with the running of the club Whyte is under huge pressure. So the "Whyte Knight" suspends all co-operation with the beeb persecuting them of bias and lying.

Whyte is becoming very unpopular with the fans and the resignation of Greig will add to that. But he is a businessman and after all he does not care about his popularity. He is determined to be in control of Rangers. And the departure of Greig will help him to do that. He can replace him with someone who he can trust but the 50,000 fans inside Ibrox can't. It's quite remarkable that Whyte would be willing to let the legend leave a historic 50 year old partnership with the club. A man that Whyte idolised when he supported Rangers as a boy has been stabbed in the back by Whyte all for the sake of a minor step to control the Rangers boardroom. But that's business for you.

The Whyte Knight was meant to ride into Govan and steer the club away from the taxman. That was the fairytale but it's now becoming a nightmare.
Calum McClurkin

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