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To What Extent Is Money Killing The Beautiful Game

Sunday 10th July 2011
Whether it's watching your team play on a Saturday afternoon or having a kick about in your local park, everybody loves to see the beautiful game being played. However over the last few years it is becoming more and more common for big money investors to pump millions into a football club in pursuit of glory. This has made Football less enjoyable for some and has led to some fans turning their back on the beautiful game.

Ever since the introduction of Sky TV in the 90s football has changed dramatically. Sky has pumped millions into the game, causing top players to get an increase in wages. We also have the fact of billionaires and millionaires taking over clubs such as Chelsea , Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City. Money that has been put into football mainly by Sky can only really benefit the top clubs in the Premier League, leaving the rest struggling to struggle and survive. Ian Holloway said in the Daily Mail that: ‘When Manchester City take Yaya Toure and he's on more than my whole club in one week, it just sums it up".

Football clubs at all levels in the country are experiencing financial difficulties of one kind or another. At least Arsenal have a more modest financial plan, with a wage cap in place. It's no surprise they are one of the more profitable clubs but then again, they are pricing out the fans with crazy ticket prices.

Most fans believe that money is stopping the development of young English players. However that isn't the case for some clubs. For example look at liverpool's academy and Arsenal's academy , they are producing some of the best talents in football like Jack wilshere, Kieran Gibbs, Spearing, Kelly, Benik afobe etc. All these talents have emerged only because of investing of dozens of millions of dollars in youth academies.

Footballers have been question about loyalty and whether or not they are at the club for the right reasons. Disloyalty is by no means exclusive to managers and owners but players have been the worst. For example players like Fernando Torres are the kind of guys who have fans jumping for joy one month and screaming with rage the next because once again, money signs in their eyes are clouding their judgment. For years many players have followed a similar pattern. Carlos Tevez, former Manchester United player now at Manchester City. Micheal Owen, former Liverpool player now at Manchester United. Kenny Miller was at Rangers then he went to Celtic and now he's back to Rangers. The list goes on and on and I can guarantee that many more players will be added to the list in the future.

I feel that the beautiful game is turning ugly, due to the combination of greedy clubs, agents, owners and players. All the fans are suffering because of this and I fear for the game.
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