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The Transfer Market: The Cost of the Past Part 2

Sunday 12th February 2017
In the second of my transfer pieces; I'll be looking at a few more current players who never actually commanded transfer fees, and comparing them to players who have. We'll see if the fees can be justified based on players who never moved on and, of course, put a price on the legends.

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Ryan Giggs

Where else could this article start? The legendary Welshman holds more records and boasts more medals than many football clubs never mind players. Giggsy has told the media that he was offered numerous transfer deals in his career; mostly from Italy, but he never waivered from his beloved Manchester United, going on to make a total of 963 appearances and scoring 168 goals.

Not the best strike rate from Giggsy, even though he scored some belters, so we're looking for a winger who doesn't score too many but has been hailed as one of the best in the world. Hello Mr Griezmann, we meet again.

The Atletico wide man has 124 career goals to his name already but he makes for an ideal comparison to Giggsy nonetheless. Linked with a move to United for around £100 million – Giggs in his prime was a far superior player than Griezmann. More intelligent, faster and defenders were genuinely terrified he'd embarrass them – Giggs would easily be £100 million in the current market; Griezmann's price is heavily inflated.

Francesco Totti

I have long admired Totti for his undying allegiance to Roma. Just a single Serie A title to his name and four domestic cups; Totti's career deserves better quite frankly but the Italian has never considered a move away despite the club's struggles to secure Silverware.

307 goals in 774 total club appearances make Totti a rather lethal striker (0.4 goals per game) and something of a journeyman is my comparison to the great Italian – Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Another classy striker with outrageous skills at his disposal, Zlatan has scored 105 more goals (to date) than Totti but he has been on a tour of Europe since his early 20's becoming the most expensive player of all time when combining his career transfer fees.

Zlatan, in total, has cost around £135 million and I feel Totti would've commanded more if he'd made the same moves in his career. The most paid for Zlatan was £55 million by Barcelona in 2009 and Totti would easily have commanded a greater sum because… well, he's Francesco Totti; a living legend.

Andres Iniesta

Another player still plying his trade; Iniesta probably bleeds red and blue thanks to his glittering career at Barcelona. Much talk was made of potential moves to the Premier League but Iniesta has always laughed off the prospect and kept the faith in his beloved Barca.

665 appearances, 60 goals and seemingly endless honours to his name – how can any one be compared to the master playmaker? How about a player who has clearly watched Iniesta growing up? Oscar.

Same position, same playing style – very different attitudes to football. Oscar has departed Chelsea for the Chinese Super League for in excess of £60 million and you have to look at someone like Iniesta and wonder just how much a club would've had to pay to bring in his talents.

Easily £150 million if Oscar is worth £60 million and even Luka Modric was worth £25.5 million in his last move – Iniesta might seem priceless but money talks Barca.

Paul Scholes

Do I need to explain Paul Scholes to any one? I should hope not and I can only say the same as the professionals who played against him. The best midfielder of all time; he cannot be compared and was utterly priceless.

Billions wouldn't have convinced United to sell him – fact.

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Kristian Webb
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