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The Transfer Market: The Cost of the Past Part 3

Monday 13th February 2017
In the last of the Past Transfer pieces; I'll be looking at what some of the best of all time sold for and the players in their positions who have commanded more in recent years. When you consider that the great Andrea Pirlo's combined career transfer fee is just £17 million; it puts into perspective what a waste of money Jack Rodwell was for Manchester City…

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Zinedine Zidane

Zizou; one of the most respected midfielders of all time up until his final competitive game, cost Real Madrid a whopping £46.6 million in 2001 and joined the Galactico revolution as their ultimate marquee signing. A player who was never caught offside in his entire career; you firmly believed he was capable of anything with a ball at his feet – but what will £46.6 million get you in terms of an attacking midfielder these days?

Well, for £42.5 million you could have Mesut Ozil who departed Madrid for Arsenal in 2013 and have a bit of change left over. Is this an indication that only some parts of the market have been affected by insane inflation? Nope; it makes it obvious that £40 odd million won't get you anywhere near as much as it used to.

Eric Cantona

£1.2 million in 1992 equates to roughly £2.24 million with modern inflation and it still boggles the mind that King Eric left Leeds United for such a pittance to join Manchester United. The King went on to light up the Premier League in a red shirt and is worthy of his legendary reputation – not just for his kung fu skills.

So if you're looking for an influential, supremely confident forward for £2.24 million – what will you get in the current market. Well, you don't get much and you certainly don't get influence or confidence.

Instead, you get Wilfried Bony on loan for £2 million. Is there a comparison here? Only in price; £2 million will get you nothing in the Premier League these days.

Gianluigi Buffon

Hailed by many as the greatest Goalkeeper of all time; the veteran Buffon left Parma for Juventus in 2001 and hasn't been moved from the goal line since. 16 years at Juve is some return on a £32.6 million investment but is there a goalkeeper who's cost as much? What will £32.6 million get you these days?

Well, firstly you can have Manuel Neuer who is easily the best goalkeeper on the planet given his unorthodox style and impressive clean sheet record but there's a lot of change rattling about after his £25.5 million. Add in Jack Butland (£3.2 million), Joe Hart (£100,000) and Ben Foster (£4.25 million) and you've gotten yourself statistically the best keeper in the world, England's number one, two and three for the same price as Buffon.

I'd still rather have Buffon quite frankly.
Kristian Webb
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