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Trio Of Fans Plan To Take In A Match Of Every Round Of The FA Cup

Thursday 5th September 2013
Their name might fill you with dread if you've come across the infamous similar titled video but don't fear (and don't search for it) but three football fans are taking on a herculean task, which is best described by them:

We aim to visit a game in every round of the 2013/14 FA Cup, all the way from the grassroots start in the extra preliminary first round all the way to the glory of the final at Wembley Stadium. It's the winner stays on. And we'll follow the winning side from each tie no matter where it ends up taking us.

We're sure there will be times on this crusade that we will wonder what on earth we were thinking. Times when we're on the south coast for a midweek replay shaking in the freezing cold, with only the threat of a last-gasp equaliser keeping us compos mentis.

But that's what football is all about, right? Not just the state of the art stadia and £50m signings but the teams from places you've never heard of and the players that are plumbers, butchers etc.

So far we've taken in three games and a lot of pies, we have had the pleasure of seeing the ball in the back of the net 12 times in normal play, there have been three yellow cards issued , two penalties and already we've had one penalty shootout. We have done this all in just 91 miles but know as the rounds progress we could end up anywhere.

We've also written match reports that cover our experiences of the day, tweeted live from the ground and we're also filming the journey as we go.

We've already seen a 5-1 drubbing in a game between Midland Football Alliance side Quorn FC and East Midlands Counties League team Holbrook Sports. This was followed by a much tighter match between Basford United (Toolstation Northern Counties East League – Premier Division) and Quorn FC that finished 2-2. This gave us the first replay of our tour and in true FA Cup style it was an epic match. Quorn managed to grab a last minute equaliser which took the game to the dreaded penalties and doing so we said goodbye to Quorn as it finished 5-3 to Basford. Our next fixture will be on September 14th between Basford United and Evo-Stick League team Matlock Town in the 1st Qualifying Round

From this point onwards our destiny will be at the mercy of the FA Cup draws and whoever is picking will have no idea what torturous journeys they could be setting for our adventure.

If you're curious about the quality of pies at Matlock Town, or just want to keep up-to-date with the latest FA Cup scores, give us a follow on Twitter. And please check out our website for the latest match reports.

You can follow the progress on Twitter here - @3guys_1cup or visit the website threeguysonecup.co.uk

It's going to be swell, enjoy.
We're Steve, Mark and Josh. We set ourselves an epic goal of following every single round in this years FA Cup. From the first preliminary to the final, we're going the distance. It's winner stays on, and we'll follow the winning team wherever they take us. Follow us on Twitter for live updates and match reports. @3Guys_1Cup

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