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True Gooner Rant (Real Gooners will agree with the majority of this)

Friday 22nd July 2011
Arsene Wenger - yes he's played a big part in the change in English football over the last 10-15 years but his stubbornness over the last few years in the transfer market is really beginning to piss us 'True Gooners' off.

Players that need to be shown the door

Almunia - I've literally lost count of how many points he's cost us. A Spanish keeper that wasn't even a Number 1 at Celta Vigo and Osasuna but somehow managed to bags himself the Arsenal Number 1 Shirt. I'm sure he wakes up everyday and pinches himself. He's bloody awful.

Fabianski - Any goalie that pics up a blatant backpass should just be shot. End of

Eboue - He's had his ups, downs, ups again and then there was the stoppage time penalty vs Liverpool last season, need i go on

Koscielny - I'm sorry but to play just the one season in Ligue1 and then get signed by a Premiership top 4 side as their 2nd main centre back is absolutely absurd. Next time you watch Arsenal wait for a goal kick from the opposition goalie or a defensive clearance and watch him mis-judge a free header. It's embarrassing. Credit where credits due he did have a good game vs Barcelona but lets face it they're a side that dont play it in the air. As a centre back of a premiership club you need to know how to head properly. Oh and the fact he wears number 6 makes me want to vomit

Djourou - I've stood by him all this time he's been out with injuries, he came on the scene as a very promising youngster but some of his simple decision making is laughable. I felt embarrassed watching him for the Swiss vs England a few weeks back at Wembley.

Squillaci - No-one else wanted him so what made Wenger think he was the man we needed at the back.

Denilson - I hope he just forgotten about while he's back in Brazil. usually the oppositions best player

Diaby - The only way in which he is in anyway similar to patrick vieira is the fact that he's French, Over 6 foot, Black, and plays in Arsenals Mid-Field. Other than that he is a bang average midfielder that only plays when he feels like it.

Rosicky - since signing and scoring those 2 scorchers vs the USA in the 2006 world cup and getting arsenal fans all excited about our new signing at the time has done absolutely nothing anywhere near that performance for the Czech Republic. He plays with no confidence what so ever

Cesc - I will never have a bad word to say about this lad. he's pure class. Lets face it him going back to Barcelona was always inevitable but if Barca want him that much they pay the asking price.

Nasri - Great player, but in 3 seasons he's had a good 6 months and all of a sudden he wants to call the shots. Let him go city if he wants. The great Thierry Henry never acted like this little brat. aint got time for players like him.

Walcott - This kid was blessed with pace and an eye for goal, not beating players on the wing. As a striker he's good, as a winger he's clueless. To be honest that Oxlade Chamberlain looks a better player at 17 than walcott does now.

Bendtner - He thinks he's brilliant....NOBODY ELSE DOES

Chamakh - Since the Sp*rs loss at the emirates last november he's not been the same. started off so promising but was complaining of fatigue after 4 months, which was weird as I've seen him going strong in the latter months of the season back in his Bordeaux days

Players that need to be brought in or seriously considered

Scott Parker - Proven work horse, I have no doubts that he'd be a quality addition

Gary Cahill - Good strong English defender. better than the majority of our current centre backs bar TV5

Chris Samba - Pure Beast, proven in the prem and would make a great partner for either cahill or TV5

Leighton Baines - with clichy gone and K.Gibbs getting injured every 2 weeks then I feel last seasons best Left back (yes he was better than Ash Cole even if he didn't get in team of the year) would be a great strong addition to the Arsenal back 4.

Lassana Diarra - There's talk of Real Madrid replacing him. (God Knows Why) This is a time when Wenger needs to hold his hand up and say 'I made a mistake letting him go while I hadn't even got Flamini to sign a new deal, come back please'

Charles N'zogbia - Top class player, has been ever consistent in the last few years and quite frankly is Aston Villa get him for £10m after selling Downing for £20m then thats gotta go down as the deal of the transfer window

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain - Technically gift, very composed on the ball, looks like a player of the Arsenal mould

Darren Bent - Top Class striker. BOOM!


So there you have a die hard gooners views on what in an ideal world should happen before August 31st. FINGERS CROSSED

Feel free to post your responses below or message me on Twitter @MutsaMagadah215
Mutsa Magadah

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