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Manchester United Need Something Special From The Special One

Monday 6th March 2017
In life, it's a well-known fact that all good things must come to an end. In the sporting arena, the same rule applies, for example, the dominance of tennis star Pete Sampras came to an end and he, just like the rest of the tennis world, had to watch as Swiss tennis player Roger Federer would go on to dominate after his reign of dominance came to an end.

To just keep my analogy with tennis going, after Roger Federer's "demise" it was up to Serbian player Novak Djokovic to take the mantle of being the world's best tennis player. In other sports such as motorsport and snooker, for example, the same rule has applied ( all good things must come to an end).

Even in the football world, teams such as Glasgow Rangers, Liverpool, arguably Real Madrid (domestically in La Liga) have suffered a demise over the last decade. In Liverpool's case, it has been two decades, but the fact of the matter is still the same (all good things must come to an end).

From the Liverpool perspective, it's been difficult to fathom no doubt for some.  Arch-rivals Manchester United, after enjoying a trophy-laden era under legendary Scot Sir Alex Ferguson, have really struggled since their legendary manager retired in 2013.

David Moyes has been and gone in that time and so has Dutchman Louis van Gaal until the present. Between the two managers, United have only managed to win one trophy (the FA Cup) but to be fair to Van Gaal that was the first time that The Red Devils had won the tournament since 2004.
Despite the cup win, that wasn't enough to keep the former Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and AZ Alkmaar (amongst many other clubs) manager safe from the sack, as LVG was sacked days after the FA Cup win. After the sacking of Van Gaal, the Man United hierarchy opted to appoint former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho who became available after his sacking for the second time by the Stamford Bridge outfit.

Just like both of his predecessors Mourinho will have huge expectations on his shoulders but arguably little time to do it in; Jose now you know how the two gentlemen before you feel. Despite an EFL Cup triumph (which made the Portuguese manager the first United coach to win a cup in his first season), United's struggles in the Premier League arguably puts the pressure on the former Inter Milan and Real Madrid manager.

A scandalous suggestion, one might think but if one was to sit down and think about this objectively it's not really such a ridiculous statement. It can be even argued that Jose Mourinho is doing worse than what LVG had done. Of course, there's still some of the season to go, so that particular statement is me slightly getting carried away, but one thing I am adamant on is that Mourinho is getting treated more favorably than the other managers before him because he is Jose Mourinho.
Now, that could be argued as logical, but with seven home draws in the league, United are seriously looking at yet another season outside of the Champions League places. For a club of Man United's stature that is unheard of.

In my own humble opinion, Jose Mourinho is still feeling the ill effects of his third and final season at Chelsea. Now, some who would be reading this would strongly disagree with such a notion, but for a squad that boasts world record signing Paul Pogba and Swedish legend Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is sixth place honestly good enough?

Yes, there is still some of the season to go, there are games against Manchester City, Liverpool and Chelsea to come, so maybe United's predicament could be changed but one can't say that for certain. Louis Van Gaal in his first season at United, he secured Champions League qualification, Mourinho's United seem almost certain to miss out.

Money talks in football, but it only does a certain amount of talking. Of course, players play the game to win trophies, but arguably players come to Man United to win the biggest trophies and United can only win the biggest trophies if they are in the biggest competitions.

Players like Mkhitaryan, Pogba, and Ibrahimovic didn't sign in big money deals to win the EFL Cup (with the greatest respect to that cup). The players that I have mentioned have all won league titles in Europe and would have come to Old Trafford to look to add to that.

Of course, Jose Mourinho is in the process of making his own team as there's still hallmarks of Louis Van Gaal's team in the Manchester United ranks but what I am trying to say is with wealthy neighbours Manchester City also able to pay big wages to elite football talent in Europe, United need to take heed in the fact The Citizens can not only offer potential targets big wage packets but as it stands Champions League football too.

There's one potential lesson to be learnt from the predicament that Manchester United could find themselves in here and that's that money can't buy you everything in life. Missing out on Champions League football is something unthinkable for a proud man like Mourinho and that's why Manchester United have to win the Europa League; if they don't then Jose's worst fears (missing out on Champions League football) could be a reality.
Ayyaz Malik

Hi guys, I am Ayyaz. I type by day and I type by night, I type what others are thinking. I eat, drink and sleep football (I think in that order) . Watching football is part of my five a day. They say money makes the world go round, yeah right we all know it's football that makes the world go round. I am a Manchester United fan for my sins.

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