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Victor Lindelof - Manchester United should secure the deal

Saturday 11th February 2017
The 22-year-old Swede is a young central defender with bags of potential. Manchester United should lock the door and throw away the key.

United manager Jose Mourino would probably have to fork out a handsome sum of £38m or more to land Victor Lindelof but it would be worth it. As the Red Devils were able to raise the ridiculous amount of £89.3m for Pogba - so I don't see a problem with raising the £38m in question. Victor would be the successor to Rio Ferdinand in a funny sort of way. There have been vague comparisons between the two, and in some senses, I can see why.

Victor is a towering figure; reaching 6ft - 2 inches - the same as Ferdinand. He is the ideal central defender with height and length to match. He is effective when intercepting crosses into the box;  heading the ball to safety; spotting an opening, and having a good reach with his legs when entering into a tackle. Lindelof is the type of player who will cause your attackers plenty of problems.

His height means he can oversee what's in front of him which is always a useful asset. I think Manchester United need a figure that can scale the central defence with his eye coordination and stature. His youthfulness means he has speed and agility. He can turn quickly and get up to recover. Internationally he has been used as a right - back which is also a useful incentive

Lindelof has been growing and growing as the years have gone by, and he is an attractive prospect to scouts who have been watching him play. Even his international team-mate Zlatan commented that,

"Is he good enough for United? I think he's good enough for the big clubs out there

 Victor is more than good enough. Who wouldn't want a player of his calibre? There is no second guessing his style and commitment to the games he plays.The right decision would be United. Jose is hammering down right now and the season is still early. Victor could come at a time where United's form is simple at it's freshest. They have been winning their matches; scoring goals, and playing like they are physically fit.

Victor is the 'Ice Man,' no doubt. He remains calm when under - pressure and doesn't lose his composure. He will enter into a challenge knowingly to win the ball, and he is not afraid of the bigger boys that he faces:

"It's not like I go out on a football field and am afraid. It's about playing your game and daring to get stuck in. 

I admire the cockiness of Victor. He has the quality and passion that a top central midfielder needs. He has moved himself up from the reserve squad in Benfica and showed them what he could do. Since then, Victor is now a name that could be world - class; potentially wearing a Manchester United shirt. Let's hope Jose follows through with his plan to capture the player as I truly see him fitting into the 2017 setup that Jose has planned.
Christine Reynolds
I would say that I'm a writer of many flavors. I did a-bit of music journalism - I want to do this full time. I've done some content writing, editing and freelance work, and other various media/music related work. I've written for various blogs and magazines (up and coming,) and hope to be a fully fledged writer; earning the big bucks and stirring my readers. Au revoir.

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