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Week 10 Predictions 29/10/11

Friday 28th October 2011
Well, here we are. A quarter of the way through the season. The table is starting to take shape and apart from a couple of exceptions, teams are starting to get an idea of how their season will unfold. In another nine games, we should know who will be challenging for Europe and who will be fighting relegation. The Premier League has begun to heat up.

In contrast, my predictions have been cold for the last couple of weeks. I have a table to keep track of where teams would be in the table if all my predictions were spot on. I will post it at Christmas and then at the end of the season. I am interested to see how it compares to the actual table and the table I predicted before a ball was kicked. Funnily enough, after 9 games I had Man City top on 25 points with +26 goal difference. If only all my predictions were that good. Anyway, here are my predictions for this week.

Everton 1-2 Man Utd

Unlike the BBC, I don't consider United's midweek win at Aldershot as a recovery after they were torn to shreads by City. A win at Everton would be a good result for them but I think a good performance is more important. They need to deal with the home side as they dealt with Aldershot.

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

If Chelsea can keep 11 men on the pitch, this should be quite easy for them. This is a massive game for Arsenal. They have had a bit of a revival in the last few games (courtesy of a certain Dutchman) and could show they are back to best with a win but I just can't see it.

Man City 5-0 Wolves

I made this prediction before the Carling Cup games and I belive that City's first team can get a better result than their second team did. I realise Wolves rested most of their starting line-up but their first defence does not fill me with confidence against the smaller sides so City should "fill their boots" in this one.

Norwich 3-1 Blackburn

Norwich continue to impress me and while I do think they will drop off before Christmas, I also think that they are capable of gaining more points before teams figure them out. This should be a simple three points. This is the first game I have predicted a Blackburn goal in, so congratulations to them for that. Also congratulations for reaching the quarter-final of the Carling Cup. I don't understand why more teams don't go for it in this competition. Silverware is Silverware.

Sunderland 2-0 Aston Villa

Sunderland on the back of a great result against Villa on the back of a bad result. I said in my round-up after Villa's defeat to City and how if they then lost to West Brom, they could go on a bit of a bad run. I think a Sunderland win here will prove me right. Sessegnon to be the stand-out player.

Swansea 2-1 Bolton

After losing to Sunderland, I worry for Bolton. I just don't see them getting points from anywhere anymore. However, they have been better away than at home. Swansea should have enough to beat them.

Wigan 1-2 Fulham

Fulham are an odd side this season. They were very close to getting a winner against Everton and then somehow lost by two goals. Wigan held Newcastle for ages last week but I think Fulham will win here. That said, if Wigan are going to get a win and stop this bad run, this would be a good time to do it.

West Brom 1-1 Liverpool

This will be the closest game of the weekend for me. I can see both goals being early on and then a lot of last ditch defending.

Tottenham 2-0 QPR

Out of all my predictions, this is the one I am most confident on getting perfect. The only way it go wrong is if Spurs score more. I will be shocked if they struggle in this game or QPR get a point.

Stoke 1-1 Newcastle

This was hard to call, either team could win. I went with a draw purely because I can't see Newcastle's unbeaten run coming to an end at Stoke and I don't see how Newcastle can scrape past Wigan and then win at Stoke so a point each it is.

Instead of a normal guest, I have done something a bit different this week. I will do something different again at the half way point, with 9 games to go and on the final game. This week, I have done a second set of predictions but this time I have done them as I would have at the start of the season. So my guest predictor this week is Past Ole1208.

Everton 1-3 Man Utd

Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal

Man City 2-0 Wolves

Norwich 1-1 Blackburn

Sunderland 4-0 Villa

Swansea 1-2 Bolton

Wigan 0-3 Fulham

West Brom 2-1 Liverpool

Spurs 2-0 QPR

Stoke 2-1 Newcastle

I will be back at the start of next week with my round-up and to see whether I can beat my past self at predictions.

Oliver Friend
23 year old Psychology graduate from The University of Hull. Massive England fan and supporter of Birmingham City at club level. Currently spending a lot of time going to watch North Ferriby United in the Conference North. Also try to keep up with the major European leagues. Follow on Twitter: @ole1208

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