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Week 9 Round-up

Tuesday 25th October 2011
I found Saturday to be very disappointing but Sunday more than made up for it. If only my predictions had been as good as the football. I managed a poor showing of just four points, equal to my guest, Matt Milsom.

Time to get Saturday out of the way. I didn't think Villa would give the best of performances in their game but I wasn't sure West Brom would win. I see that Herd has had his red card rescinded, which to me doesn't change a thing as Hutton should have been sent off. It's funny that Villa were unbeaten for so long and West Brom were having a horrible start but yet they are now on the same points. I reckon a lot of fans on the fence about McLeish might be starting to get a bit restless.

Sunderland got an absolutely fantastic result at Bolton. That is a massive three points for Bruce and it was a performance that must give fans hope of going on a run now. Once again Sessegnon was the best player on the pitch for them but Connor Wickham started to show signs of why they signed him for so much money. The problems just keep mounting for Bolton. No longer can they blame poor results on their tough start, they should have won this game.

I felt very proud of Norwich getting a result at Anfield, especially after they folded at the other big grounds. I really thought they were going to nick a win. Ruddy gave a great performance and their climb up the table should continue for the next couple of games.

Continuing a surprising trend, Newcastle followed up with an underwhelming win after I heaped praise on them. Don't be shocked if Norwich bottle it next week now that I have got behind them. The best thing I can say for Wigan is that at least they aren't bottom. Saturday 19th November, 3pm, Wigan versus Blackburn. Whoever wins, football loses.

Wolves did very well to get a draw against Swansea. They never gave up and got a point. However, just like the Blackburn game on the last day of last season, Wolves getting two goals has papered over the cracks. It is hard to ignore that they were two goals down at home against a side they should be beating. It has ended their losing streak but their next game is at City, a big defeat is just round the corner.

I really thought Arsenal would draw but then they brought on their not so secret weapon to seal the victory. If Van Persie gets injured, it could really mess up this decent run Arsenal are on. I'm looking forward to their game next week at Chelsea. This will show if Arsenal have really kick-started this campaign yet or not. I always think Stoke have had a poor start but if they were to finish ninth, it would be a great achievement.

Spurs may have beaten Blackburn but it was far from convincing. Unlike Liverpool, they actually got the result that their grinding deserved but by now, I expect so much more from good sides against Blackburn. I just don't see Blackburn picking up more than about fifteen points over the rest of the season, which is what they are averaging at the moment.

I said in my predictions that I was very close to giving Everton the win but settled with a point a piece. They were quite evenly matched until Zamora remembered why he used to be such a joke and missed an open goal. Fulham did pick up something more than a point, at least one of their players did anyway. Bryan Ruiz is the new holder of the Cheeky Award for his sublime chip for Fulham's goal. Well Done.

QPR worry me. They did brilliantly to beat Chelsea but they never would have beaten them had all eleven players still been on the pitch. Chelsea still looked the better side even with the two man disadvantage. I am not going to go into the racism issue, mainly because I refuse to believe that Terry, the England captain, would say what some people are claiming. I have seen the video and I am not convinced there was any racial slurs in it.

And finally a result I was never expecting to see in my lifetime. Before the game, I thought that if City did win, I was not going to say that the power had shifted in Manchester. Even at 3-0, I was unsure but by full-time I was saying what I didn't want to. I have never seen a performance so bad by United. I didn't think De Gea was terrible but the back four were. Smalling was very uncomfortable, Ferdinand looked a shadow of his former self and Evans seemed nowhere near Premier League standard. Evra had a poor game but the others were so much worse. City were outstanding and looked capable of getting a similar score against all eleven men. Who needs Tevez?

So after a very enjoyable weekend, it's time to enjoy some Carling Cup action. Come on Aldershot! I will be back at the end of the week with my predictions.

Oliver Friend
23 year old Psychology graduate from The University of Hull. Massive England fan and supporter of Birmingham City at club level. Currently spending a lot of time going to watch North Ferriby United in the Conference North. Also try to keep up with the major European leagues. Follow on Twitter: @ole1208

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