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The weird and wonderful Premier League

Wednesday 21st June 2017
As one of Europe's most competitive league, the Premier League has an enormous following. Realistically, this should mean that many of you remember these weird and wonderful occurrences from the history books of England's top flight. I bet you didn't know a few of these!

Ambidextrous Penalties

Two players in the Premier League have been cocky enough to take penalties with either of their feet, but they aren't the names you might expect. Berbatov? Cantona? Ronaldo? Nope. Bobby Zamora and Obafemi Martins - two strikers better remembered for missing than scoring both found the back of the net, with both feet, from the spot.

Balotelli Doesn't Assist

Well, he did once. Mario Balotelli's time in the Premier League wasn't out of this world impressive but the Italian did like to make life unpleasant for Manchester United. Not only did he thump home a great goal against United (Why Always Me?), he also made just one assist in the Premier League - the pass to Aguero for the goal that won them the title.

Darius Vassell doesn't like losing

Thankfully, he never really had to endure a loss because every game he scored in, the side he was playing came away with something. In 46 different games, Vassell found the back of the net for Aston Villa and Man City and none of them resulted in a loss.

This remains a record to this day.

Four Players Love Relegation

They may not love it in the Kevin Keegan sense of the word, but they certainly are prime candidates for relegation having played for two sides that were both relegated from the Premier League in the same season. The culprits are George Boyd, David Nugent, Steve Kabba and Mark Robins.

Down, down... deeper and down!

Peter Crouch is better than some clubs

At scoring headers that is. Spare Part Pete is a gangly giant of a man and heading the ball really ought to be his forte. He'd probably have been world class if he didn't feel the need to climb on opponents to get his noggin on the ball but this failing hasn't stopped him scoring more headed goals in the Premier League than 15 clubs have managed in the division.

One man army? No.

Richard Wright wins without playing

Yep. Retired goalkeeper Richard Wright played 12 games for Arsenal in the Premier League and has a winner's medal from the 2001-02 season. He's got an FA Cup winner's medal too and spent four years at Manchester City without ever playing a competitive, first team game.

Nice work if you can get it...
This is Richard himself if you weren't certain.

Can't shoot, won't shoot

Liverpool fans weren't exactly enamoured with Iago Aspas during his time at Anfield, and rightly so. Aspas ended his Premier League career having taken more corners than he did shots - he spent a lot of time in the final third... but beyond the touchline sadly.
This video being so short probably gives you an idea of how little Aspas contributed to the Premier League

Goal, assist, own goal, yellow

Only one man can say that he has all four of these match events attributed to him in a single game - Gareth Bale. The now Real Madrid forward managed this bizarre feat in a game against Liverpool in 2012 - impressive stuff Gareth!
Here's Gareth's least impressive moment from the game in question...
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