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West Brom 4-2 Cardiff City (Cardiff Fan's Perspective)

Tuesday 10th January 2012
I watched this game from the comfort of the padded seats in the directors box. The odd thing was that I was surrounded by Cardiff fans. There was a jobsworthy female steward who kept giving us evil eyes whenever we cheered a Cardiff goal/chance, but the few Baggies that had "Gone corporate" were in good spirits and we were able to enjoy some friendly back and forths.

The Stadium was under 75% full, and even though West Brom scored early the place was quiet until Robert Earnshaw got his goal late in the first half. The opening goal was a freak one, Tom Heaton's mis-hit clearance was sent at pace to a West Brom player, and he seemed to miss-control the ball pinging it forward to Peter Odemwingie. I think the linesman and I were the only 2 people in the stadium who noticed the Cardiff player who hadn't pushed out quickly enough and was playing him onside. Even Odemwingie almost looked for the flag, and when the linesman didn't flinch he cooly placed it past Heaton.

It took the changed Cardiff team another 20 mins and a second goal to sort themselves out and determined hassling and pressure on the wing from Filip Kiss lead to Earnshaw's goal and Cardiff went in to half time 2-1 down but tails up. Earnshaw then set up the equaliser for Mason early in the second half and was denied his own second and a lead for Cardiff by a close-call flag.

The longer the game went on the more West Brom took control, especially when Marc-Antoine Fortune and Somen Tchoyi came on. Cox's second goal was a great strike and the 4th goal was a culmination of 10 mins of pressure on Tom Heaton.

Overall I thought Cardiff didn't look out of place at this standard, and considering the team they put out that bodes well for their promotion prospects. West Brom go into the 4th round hat and Cardiff take a now-rested first team to Selhurst Park Tuesday night in an attempt to make their 4th Wembley appearance in as many years.
By @jamesianosborne
James Osborne

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