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What does it take to become a world class goalkeeper?

Tuesday 13th September 2016
Goalkeeping has always been an important trade within the game, however, the standard at the moment seems to be higher than ever before. If we look at the Premier League, there are a variety of world class goalkeepers in the division.

Keeper's play an important role in "keeping" their sides in the game. It's not just fantastic saves and clean sheets that make you a great keeper it's what you do off the ball aswell. So, we are looking at four different factors that separate the world class keepers from the average ones.

Factor 1- Vocals

Communication is essential if all players wish to do well. As a goalkeeper, you need to be vocal for many reasons. If you're vocal you're in command and players know where you are and watch out. Organisation is incredibly important. Corners and set pieces can easily be turned into goals. It is the goalkeeper's role to shout at his teammates in order to prevent a goal from being scored. If you were to watch someone like Manuel Neuer or Iker Casillas, at set pieces they will be barking orders all of the time.

Factor 2- Confidence

A goalkeeper needs confidence in himself. This is the most important factor a keeper needs to understand and without it, they are going to be struggling with their own performance. Many goalkeepers encourage themselves after a good save by clapping their hands together and this just boosts confidence. Even the best keepers make mistakes, the game is full of them.

Factor 3- Monitor the Ball

The best keepers don't look for an opponent, they look for the ball. The primary mission of a goalie is to save shots and try to keep clean sheets. The best keepers do keep in mind that they will need to leave their penalty box sometimes to clear the ball. Sweeper keepers are now in fashion and Manuel Neuer of Bayern Munich and Germany epitomises this. This can happen at any given time so goalkeepers must be prepared and they cannot hold back. Determination is needed to be a successful goalkeeper and to become world class you need to have more than anyone else in your field.

Factor 4- Being the motivator

As a goalkeeper, it will always be your job to motivate your team. You are one of the most influential players on the pitch so it is, therefore, important that you encourage your teammates and help them out. Joe Hart for England and now Torino is a fantastic motivator. If you watch his games, then you can see that he is always helping out his defence. If a defender makes a good challenge, Hart will be the first one to congratulate him. By supporting and motivating your teammates it provides a confidence boost to the players in front of you.

Obviously, there are many more factors that can be considered when looking at how goalkeepers can become so good. However, I personally feel they are the most important. One thing is for sure, we need to appreciate the vast array of talent we currently have in the goalkeeping position around the world and this could very much be the golden generation of goalkeeping.
Jamie Britt
Liverpool FC fan, official club member. Liverpool and the Premier League is my thing but I take a serious interest in European as well as lower league football ! Still waiting for Liverpool to win a league title.....!!

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