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What makes a league the best in the world?

Monday 27th June 2011
For years, everyone connected with football have debated about which league is the best in the world.  But what actually makes a league, the best league in the world?

Over the last few years many have believed it to be a toss up between England's Premier League and Spain's La Liga.  Some say the Premier League for its competition and fast paced game, others say La Liga for the skill that is shown in almost every match.  Everyone has an opinion as to what league is best and what qualities they each possess.

What a player may call the best league in the world to play in may not be what a fan would call the best league to watch.  Why?  Players and fans look for different qualities.  A player is always looking to play in the league that is of the highest quality, with the better players and teams.  A fan wants to be excited by the league and shocked as to what will happen next.  So this brings up the debate between quality and excitement.  The simple answer to this debate is that excitement is much more important, but better quality in the league also means higher competition which, spread evenly, generates more excitement, you get that?  Good.

This is why Serie 'A' is no longer the force is used to be, not only is there a lack of excitement in the league but the quality has taken a nose-dive in recent years, causing the league to lose its fourth Champions League place to Germany's Bundesliga.  Now that brings me sweetly onto the Bundesliga, the league that has begun to rival England and Spain.  Do we have excitment?  Yes, do we have unpredictability?  Yes, do we have quality?  Yes, do we even have affordable ticket prices?  Yes!  The Bundesliga is becoming the top league in Europe, why?  Because it's fan friendly.  Whereas, to watch a Premier League game you need to be earning a top wage in a Monday-Friday job to be able to attend games and La Liga, the fans are a fair distance away from the players and separated by a net, the Bundesliga gives a fan everything they could want.

Does the best league in the world have to be the country's top tier?

No, it doesn't.  The Premier League is not the best league in England, that title is a close fought contest between League One and the Championship.  Sure, they don't have the same amount of quality as the Premier League and the teams would rather be playing in the Premier League, after all it's everyone's dream to play at the top level.  But what the lower leagues do bring us is unrivaled passion, excitement, unpredictability and (for the most part anyway) affordable ticket prices.  Whilst the same old suspects dominate the top tier, down below in the sanctuary of The Football League, no one dare bet on who is going up or down.  Two seasons ago everyone placed their bets on Blackpool to go down and we all know what happened there.

What The Football League also brings to the table is a unique imagination amongst not only the supporters, but also the players.  At the end of the season, your team may just find themselves in a Play-Off spot, dreaming of the day out, winning promotion and the possibility of seeing your club playing the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, Chelsea, Manchester City.  That kind of imagination can only be found in the Championship.

Pressed to choose between League One and the Championship it would have to be the Championship on the basis of higher quality teams.  So does this means that I'm saying the best league in the world is the Championship?  Yes, yes and yes!

The best league in the world is decided by how you judge it, whether you like to watch the best players in the world or just look for the excitement of an unpredictable season.


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