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What We Need Part 2 - Midfield

Tuesday 21st June 2011
In the first part of this 3 part series on what we need to improve our team and squad, I talked about our defensive capabilities and where we needed to improve. In this article, I will talk of where we need to improve in terms of our midfield area.

Please bear in mind that these views are that of my own and not the sites. I'm also attempting to gain experience so positive feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Right Midfield –

Right Midfield is an area of much interest for myself and will be interesting to see what way things will pan out next season in regards to RM. For the last three seasons or so, Dirk Kuyt has occupied this position. Originally acquired as a striker, he was moved to right midfield by Rafael Benitez. Kuyt is a player who you either love or hate but one who's work rate is respected and admired by all. I personally have grown to like Dirk Kuyt. Yes, he isn't the most technically gifted player and that's there for everyone to see. But he is definitely a menace in the sense that he chases every ball down and does a great job tracking back. However, with the recent signing of Jordan Henderson, Kuyt's place on the team may be under threat. Although, this is where is gets more interesting. There is a lot of talk of Liverpool playing a 4 3 3 formation next season. This may be the be all or end all for Dirk Kuyt. I will discuss the implications of other positions on right midfield in the following sections.

Centre Midfield –

Centre Midfield is a position in which I am satisfied with the quality we have. We have a number of options in this area which is likely to increase. Jordan Henderson's signing has shown the owner's intent. I believe that he is a good player and has great potential to become a great player. I have read some views on Twitter of people expecting him to be the next Gerrard – that he won't be and if you think that then you will be very disappointed next season. He hasn't been that much of a goal threat in his short Premier League career so far but he is a player that he a great engine and will run box to box for 90 minutes. His actual transfer fee differs from sources but for £16-20m, I expect Henderson to be starting next season. His signing, and the likely signing of Adam, have led to speculation about who may be sold this season to make way for the duo. One name who has been mentioned is Raul Meireles. I am completely against selling Meireles and I expect him to stay this season. He, along with Lucas and Kuyt, was one of Liverpool's best players last season and done great for it being his debut season in English football. I had previously thought that buying Henderson and Adam was unnecessary due to the amount of centre midfielders we currently have. However, yet again, talk of a 4 3 3 next season has made me see the necessity of depth in centre midfield. We definitely have a lot of talent in centre midfield and it is great for a change to be able to buy players without having to sell. I think it will be tough for the likes of Jay Spearing and Jonjo Shelvey to get a good run in the first team next season and they may be loaned out to get some first team football.

Left Midfield –

Left Midfield is definitely a position in which we need to improve. Left midfield has proved a problem area for Liverpool for a number of seasons and this summer, I'm hoping Kenny Dalglish finds the solution. A number of players have been linked with us including Young, Downing and Mata. Young is out of the question as he has agreed terms to join Manchester United. That leaves Downing and Mata. There has been more talk of Downing joining than Mata however I believe that Mata is our number one target for this position. I would prefer Mata to Downing as he'd give us well needed width on the left. Yes, Downing would also provide width too but Mata is the much more exciting prospect of the two. I believe that we will keep Maxi Rodriguez due to his consistency the past few months under Kenny Dalglish and he is good back up. The decider in who Kenny Dalglish buys for left midfield will be their delivery which will be key.

Keep an eye out for the next and final part of WHAT WE NEED – FORWARDS.

Robert Magee
Young and aspiring journalist, creator of @OptaAnfield and a loyal Liverpool fan.

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