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Where are the Premier League's founding clubs now? - Norwich - QPR

Monday 12th June 2017
As we move into the penultimate part of this series of articles; we come across a few clubs who just aren't cutting it at the top end of the English Football League:

Arsenal – Coventry City | Crystal Palace – Liverpool | Manchester City – Middlesbrough | Sheffield United – Wimbledon

Norwich City

Finishing third in the inaugural Premier League table secured Norwich a place in the UEFA Cup and stunned much of the footballing world as the club had struggled to finish 18th in the previous Division One season.

It wasn't long before the wheels came off for Norwich, however, and by 1995 they were in the second tier of English football. There they remained but for a brief return in 2004 to the Premier League but they truly crashed out and by 2009 were in the depths of League One.

The club turned a corner at this point and pushed back to the Premier League in just two seasons but have found themselves flitting between the Championship and the top flight since 2013 - inconsistency let them down last season but we all hope for a Canaries return next year.

Nottingham Forest

Nothing gives anyone more sadness, in footballing terms, than to admit that the great Brian Clough simply went on for one season too many. Whether it was the chance at securing the very first Premier League trophy to massage his ego somewhat or because the club would be truly lost without him - Clough stayed on and must've regretted the decision to the tragic day of his passing.

The 90's saw Forest bouncing between Division One and the Premier League, including an unprecedented third place in 1995, but 1999 would prove to be Forest's last appearance in the Premier League and, eighteen years on, the club has spent its time in the second and third tiers of English football.

Clough passed away in 2004, along with Forest's hopes of top flight football - for the time being.

Oldham Athletic

No one really knew what to make of Oldham Athletic in 1992/93 as the club had only just returned to Division One the previous season thanks to a Division Two triumph in 1991. Athletic survived the first Premier League season on goal difference to send Crystal Palace into the second tier.

Two Premier League seasons to their name and Oldham dropped into the second tier themselves but by 1998 they were rooted in the old Division Two and have remained there ever since.

Queens Park Rangers

Confident performances saw QPR finish 5th in the inaugural Premier League season and they remained a force to be reckoned with for the following two years thanks to the prolific goalscoring of Les Ferdinand. Sadly, for QPR, Ferdinand left for Newcastle in 1995 and the club was lost without him - relegation to Division One was assured thanks to a 19th place finish in 96.

Since then, the club has moved between the second and third tiers of English football and they achieved very little until a superb season in 2010/11 saw them lift the Championship trophy and return to the Premier League.

Though they now find themselves back in the Championship, just, QPR manager Ian Holloway is adamant the club can return to the Premier League - who doesn't want the madman that is Holloway back in the top flight?
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