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Why Wenger is a better manager than Guardiola and Mourinho combined

Monday 26th September 2016
Whether you like it or not, Wenger is the best manager in the Premier League today, bar none. There are many new coaches in the Premier League this season but all will be playing second fiddle to The Boss, that's the view of Arsenal fan Mathaeus.
For twenty glorious years, Arsène Wenger has been the standard bearer of excellence in the Premier League. He's changed the way we view, analyse & celebrate football in this country, never has a foreign figure held so much influence in another nation like Arsène Wenger. Both Guardiola & Mourinho will look to emulate their mentor's greatness this year. The two former Barcelona employees are polar opposites in terms of footballing philosophy but both are similar in how they pale in comparison to Le Prof.

Wenger vs. The Sackable One

We all know why Wenger irks José so much, he's everything the Portuguese coach aspires to be. He wants the stability Wenger has, he wants the admiration & respect Wenger has and he wants to be him, but he never will.

In terms of trophies, they've won the same amount of Premier League titles. Wenger has won the FA Cup five more times than Mourinho. Wenger has won the Community Shield six times in comparison to Mourinho's measly two triumphs, need I go on?
But I have to hold my hands up and admit there are some amazing feats Mourinho has achieved that Wenger hasn't been able to, let's list them:

  • Record the worst title defence in English Premier League history.

  • Get sacked by the same club twice.

  • Get sued by a club doctor.

  • Become the first manager to spend £1bn on players over his career.

Enough said, next.

A Wenger vs. The Untested One

Funny how the man who many presume is outdated with tactics has beaten the man who represents 'modern tactics, on several occasions. Wenger is the only manager to beat Pep at Barcelona, Bayern Munich and soon Man City (already has if you count pre-season).

"But Guardiola has won trophies in multiple countries." So has Wenger. Wenger has won the premier title in both France and England with teams that weren't the outright favourites, unlike Pep who won titles in Spain & Germany with the best team in each country.

Wenger builds squads while Pep relies on the brilliance of a world class player, at Barcelona Messi carried him through his tenure and at Bayern he had Robben AND Ribery come to his aid, now at City he's blessed to have both Aguero & De Bruyne masking his flaws.

Wenger created his philosophy, Guardiola inherited his. Wenger represents stability, Guardiola embodies volatility.

This is not a hateful article designed to bash Guardiola & José, it's an article to highlight how underappreciated Arsène Wenger is. Let's never ever forget that this man kept a cash-stricken Arsenal in the Top 4 against all odds & tribulations for nine consecutive years, while the first time José faced any type of adversary, he finished 16th. Next time you want to label Wenger a fraud, please remember what the man has done for Arsenal and most importantly for English football.

Anyway, let's re-open this debate when either Pep or Mourinho takes a PL team through a whole season unbeaten, until then, bye.

Mathaeus Abuwa

Arsenal fan with ample amounts of passion for both Cristiano Ronaldo & Real Madrid. I'm one of those bandwagonist hipster fans that will claim to know everything about football, but only watches the El Clasico outside of the Premier League. Forgive me, I'm trying. Oh yeah, #WengerOut. 

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