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Why England can go far at Euro 2012

By Fez
Wednesday 12th October 2011
A lot of people will look at this story and totally dismiss it, and probably not even read it! But for those that do you may come around to my way of thinking...

Ever since Euro 96 when England reached the Semi Finals the pressure has been on the England football team. I don't think there is any denying that. There was pressure to succeed on Capello at 2010's World Cup. Pressure for Steve McClaren to qualify for Euro 2008. On Sven to succeed at the 3 tournaments that he took us to. Pressure on "The Golden Generation" which is slowly dissolving! The demand for these tournaments was qualification and I think most people would agree they wanted to see England reach the Semi's but with Rose tinted glasses wanted to see us win the tournament! 

However, for Fabio Capello, after the 2-2 draw in Montenegro there is no pressure. He does not have to put pressure on himself to keep his job, we already know he is leaving. There is no pressure, from the fans on him, to reach the Semi finals in 2012 as many of us already believe Fabio and England have failed. 

All the pressure or blame is on the FA rather than the manager and the players. If England fail, people will not massacre the squad like they have done in the past. They will simply say...

The FA should have got rid of Capello months ago!

If England were to reach the Semi Finals or better then the tournament will be deemed a success. The FA will achieve plaudits for sticking with Capello. 

If England were to WIN the Euro's the pressure would be on the FA to decide whether to tempt Capello to stay. 

One thing is for certain though, compared to recent tournaments, there is no pressure on this squad of players to even get out of the group stage. People do not believe we can win this tournament and this should give the players and manager more than enough motivation to prove us wrong.

Come on England!!! Prove us wrong!

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