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Why Holt Was Never Going Anywhere

Thursday 2nd February 2012

Transfer deadline day. Love it or loathe it, it's become more crucial, more hyped, more debated, more everything … and will continue to do so.

It's the time when clubs can add that extra bit, when new managers get to splash their cash and imprint their own values; and when some slightly more bizarre business can be done coming up to the 11th hour.

Norwich fans up and down the land were probably spitting their tea and biscuits mid-afternoon as news unfolded that Glasgow Rangers had made a reported £2 million deal forNorwich's talisman.

Twitter started trending, Sky Sports news cranked up the volume, message boards were filling. Fans crying no, chief executive comments unheard, the message boards continued filling. However, if like me, you took one step back, you'd know the move was never going to happen.

Norwich City Fans


Firstly, Holt is Norwich City's talisman. He's led them through League 1 and the Championship to a level he could only dream of playing himself. His T-shirt in May last year explaining his own personal journey from the Unibond to the real Premiership told it's own story of how much it meant. In his every performance it's clear what playing and competing at this level means to the guy.

Secondly, he's Norwich City's captain. He enjoys leading, the squad ethos and togetherness is driven as much from him as the likes of Paul Lambert.

Thirdly, Lambert isn't stupid. Fact . Upset the apple cart for £2 million, and one less potent striker for the crucial Premiership run in? Me thinks not.

This isn't Nigel Worthington and his dealings with Malky Mackay. Add to that the board and the club are united as one behind the manager. There's no longer a banker at the door demanding his over-draft. The well run vessel under Admiral McNally is nearing closer to calmer waters than at any time in the past 20 years.

And finally, why would you want to play in Scotland's Premier League, where the best players appear to get snapped up by mid-table Championship clubs? Is it not now with the greatest will, somewhat below his expectations?

A family happily settled in a new Norwich home; a player enjoying his football and the experience. Why would he move? Sure it's nice to be talked or trended about in such circles. But that's as far as it was ever going to go.


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