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Why is Luis Suarez one of the best finishers in the world?

Monday 5th September 2016
Finishing, in general, is a very important aspect when goal scoring opportunities are available. No matter what level you are playing at, goal scoring opportunities are very limited so it is vital to take full control when you are given the chance. Luis Suarez is one of the best strikers in the world, if not the best. When under pressure he finishes coolly and efficiently. Here are some reasons why Luis Suarez makes finishing look so easy.
He picks his technique well in advance:  When you are about to take a shot it is important to understand what technique you need to use. When you are inside the box and you need to get a shot off quickly, it is better to side foot it towards the goal whereas if you're about to strike the ball from outside the penalty area, shooting with your laces is the better option.  While having a shot with your laces gives you more power, using the side of your foot enables better accuracy so it is important to understand when to use what technique. As talented as Suarez is, he still normally uses this policy. However, the thing about world class strikers is that they can change their technique quickly to suit the situation they find themselves in. In Suarez's first season for Barcelona, the club faced off against Paris Saint-Germain. Suarez scored a brace with one of his goals being a side-footed shot from outside of the box. The goal shows how talented the man is in regard to finishing.

His smart positioning: This is an area that is sometimes overlooked. It is essential for any striker that your body is in the right position when striking the ball. Leaning over the ball and keeping your hips facing where you want to shoot lends a helping hand. Suarez always seems to make sure his body is not bent too far back as it will limit the power he can get and also causes himself to lose balance. If you look through all of Suarez's previous goals, the positioning of his body is an important factor. He seems to always have a balanced position and is ready to strike the ball at all times.
He picks a suitable area: The area you pick to aim at when you shoot is just important as the connection with the ball itself. The top and bottom left-hand corners are the best choices as it is hard for the keeper to quickly get across and either get up or down low. But another position that sometimes fools this keeper is just above him. With power and accuracy, it is easy to chip the ball over the keeper into the net as it is deceptive because the keeper will be expecting some other type of strike. You could also look in the opposite direction to which you are shooting to try and fool the goalkeeper into diving the wrong way. Suarez uses a variety of techniques in order to try and fool the goalkeeper. Even though it wasn't a Suarez solo goal he did score a goal after a Messi lay off from a penalty last season which is a goal I am sure many of us remember. Goal scoring is not necessarily about how nice the goal is, it is ultimately about how many you score. Unpredictability in Suarez's game is a huge plus for the Uruguayan.

His mentality and composure:  In a live game situation it becomes more and more difficult to get the opportunities and then finish them well, especially in competitions such as the Champions League. The most important thing is to be confident in front of goal, make sure you practice hard in training, something that Suarez knows too much about. This will advance your understanding of what will happen when the ball lands at your feet. It is also important to relax. You have more time than you think, quickly take in your surroundings before doing what is needed, for example, a quick feint to get past an incoming defender or just a simple side-foot past the keepers left. If you watch Suarez when he is in the box, the first thing you will notice is his head movement. He is constantly looking around, looking for an opening. This means that when does receive the ball he already has an understanding of his surroundings and is ready to shoot.
Jamie Britt
Liverpool FC fan, official club member. Liverpool and the Premier League is my thing but I take a serious interest in European as well as lower league football ! Still waiting for Liverpool to win a league title.....!!

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