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Why Manchester United shouldn't worry about Paul Pogba's future

Thursday 22nd July 2021
With or without Paul Pogba, Manchester United will continue to remain a global powerhouse
With or without Paul Pogba, Manchester United will continue to remain a global powerhouse

When Manchester United broke the British transfer record to sign Paul Pogba, big things were obviously expected. From day one, the mercurial Frenchman has continued to divide opinion. Mixed performances on the field, mixed messages off it.

There's no doubt Pogba has played far better recently. The change-in-manager from Jose Mourinho to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer definitely helped in that regard. However, rumours suggesting the World Cup winner will leave Old Trafford continue to pop up frequently. With just a year left on his contract, that's to be expected. What fans don't like is his constant flirting with Real Madrid. If you're not happy at your club, just come out and say it. Don't beat around the bush.

Perhaps the one thing that's even more irritating than Pogba making eyes at Europe's elite is the fans who continue to insist that without the Frenchman, United will struggle to enjoy any immediate success...

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I'm constantly told how United must do everything in their power to keep Pogba around. First and foremost, no player is bigger than the club. The Old Trafford outfit will continue to thrive on the field and in a business sense with or without their number six. This is a global brand, a side that's world-renowned. Do you really think that would cease if one player leaves...?

This isn't a player who has helped deliver trophy-upon-trophy, either. Pogba has a Europa League and Carling Cup next to his name in his half-decade since returning. That's it. That's not enough to convince your average supporter to believe he's a pivotal piece of the puzzle.

What I find equally baffling is the folk who'll forgive Pogba of all his wrongdoing for the first three-and-a-half years back in Manchester. Let's not forget he churned out some absolutely abysmal displays on a consistent basis. Now I'm not doubting the man's immense ability, though I lost count of how many times I heard the phrase 'we need to unlock Paul Pogba'.

United signed Nemanja Matic, among others, to unlock Pogba, United changed formation to unlock Pogba, United even switched his position to unlock Pogba. For someone who is supposed to be this world-class individual, there's been a lot of bending over backwards to accommodate his ability.

As Simon Jordan says, Pogba, on his own, hasn't made this club better. Sure, he's given us some moments, but I'd argue Bruno Fernandes has made a far bigger impact in less than half the time. At this point, the disruption Pogba has caused far outweighs the joy he's given us. Yes, the performances have improved, but the number of headaches and minor annoyances probably outweigh his elite-level displays on the field.

This isn't me begging United to move on from Pogba. In fact, I'd love for him to stick around and be that happy, charismatic figure we all know he is. It only takes a glance over to the French national squad to show exactly what he can do when he's in the mood. I just wish he'd bring that attitude to the Theatre of Dreams on a more consistent basis.

I'm just a believer in having a happy camp. Those players will know about Pogba's off-field antics. Some won't care, but some will be uncomfortable with it. All we're asking is that one way or another, he has to commit to a decision.

If Pogba wants to leave, so be it but just come out and say it. I'd rather have players who want to wear that United shirt with pride run out on the field. If he does want to be here, commit to a new deal before the season starts and give those supporters who want to back him some genuine peace of mind. Either way, Manchester United will continue to roll on.

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