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Will Paul Pogba play for Manchester United again?

Wednesday 18th December 2019
Is the Mercurial Frenchman's time at Old Trafford already over...?
Is the Mercurial Frenchman's time at Old Trafford already over...?

About a month ago, I, like many Manchester United fans across the world, were looking forward to a Paul Pogba return from injury. Plenty has changed in his absence. The Red Devils are actually getting some sort of positive tune from Fred while Scott McTominay continues to improve and grow. There's still a gaping hole in United's midfield, mind...

Pogba was supposed to bring the creative spark back into a team that often lacks ingenuity, though injury setbacks seem to be a common theme. For me, it's no coincidence that we're rapidly approaching the January transfer window as the 26-year-old continues to postpone his return.

Over the summer, Pogba made one thing clear - he'd like a 'new challenge' away from Manchester, irrespective of who sat in the dugout. Pogba would start the season by putting in inconsistent performances which is something the Reds supporters are now accustomed to. When he feels like it, Pogba can be the best midfielder on the planet. The problem? Often, he just can't be bothered...

This weekend, doubts about Pogba's Old Trafford future went into overdrive. The midfielder would be videoed dancing at his brother's wedding, before walking his dogs in Chesire on Monday morning. Yesterday, Solskjaer ruled United's #6 out of the Colchester game with 'illness' - further delaying his comeback. After shooting hoops with Jimmy Butler in Miami while supposedly nursing a serious ankle issue, to meeting Zinedine Zidane in Dubai while undergoing rehabilitation, this is the latest in a long line of what can only be described as major public gaffes over a two-and-a-half-month period. Seemingly, it feels as though Pogba's mind about leaving won't be changing anytime soon. In fact, he probably only feels stronger about his decision.

The question is, will we see Pogba don United colours again...?

With each passing week, it feels like the section of United fans who continue to back Pogba is growing smaller. The Frenchman isn't helping himself and I genuinely wonder what potential buying clubs will make of his prima donna attitude. It's certainly not a good look...

Sure, go enjoy yourself at your brother's wedding, I have absolutely no issue with that as the club sanctioned that time off. Just don't abuse that trust. Come back, work hard and show the dressing room that, irrespective of whether you want to be here or not, that you're still going to give maximum effort. This half-assed, lackadaisical nature is forcing United's hand.

The good news for the Red Devils is that the ball is still somewhat in their court. Pogba has eighteen months left on his current deal and United hold the option to extend that contract by a further year. The player's value still remains high despite his best efforts to lower that cost and force an exit.

Sometimes, separation is best for all involved. Pogba is a real problem. He doesn't want to be here and the squad knows that. Why should he continue to be picked under those circumstances? It just doesn't seem fair. I'm starting to wonder whether Jose Mourinho was actually correct when he labelled Pogba a virus just twelve months ago, and for what it's worth, Pogba's performances on the pitch haven't justified the price-tag. 

In the end, I reckon we'll continue to see 5/10 displays from Pogba until the season's climax, when United will then cash in. Pogba will likely jet off to Real Madrid, set the world alight and leave many questioning whether the issues at Old Trafford go deeper than one self-loving individual. The answer is yes, they definitely do go beyond him, but Paul Pogba is a contributing factor to the Red Devils' struggles, make no mistake about that...

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