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Europa League
Red Bull Salzburg conducting big business from corporate headquarters
17:00 Friday 30th November 2018

People often describe corporations as faceless. It comes of frustration at being run into the ground with no one individual who can be blamed for your suffering. Red Bull GmbH are a corporation. Headquartered just outside Salzburg, they make…

Europa League
RB Salzburg vs Olympique Marseille: Austrian powerhouse aiming for second straight comeback
14:00 Thursday 3rd May 2018

Red Bull Salzburg and Olympique Marseille play the second leg of their UEFA Europa League semi-final tonight. The French team have a 2-0 aggregate lead, but the Austrian side have already proven they can turn ties around at the Red Bull…

Europa League
Analysing RB Salzburg's impressive season
14:00 Monday 16th April 2018

There have certainly been surprises in European competition this season, with RB Salzburg's impressive UEFA Europa League run being amongst them. The reigning Austrian Bundesliga champions have found their feet in continental context…