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Can Bayern still win the Bundesliga?
09:00 Friday 21st December 2018

Everyone has their list of three things certain in life. Death and taxes are always numbers one and two [with a bullet]. If the subject is the Bundesliga, Bayern hoisting the trophy is number three. The Bavarians are the biggest team in Germany,…

Can Kingsley Coman and Serge Gnabry become Bayern's New Age ''Rob-bery''?
17:04 Sunday 16th December 2018

Twenty-nine August, 2009 began an eminent chapter in Bayern Munich's history. Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery took to the field together for the first time. Bayern were still licking their wounds after a 2-1 defeat at…

Loss to Borussia Dortmund exposes chemistry issues for Bayern Munich
08:00 Tuesday 13th November 2018

A particularly good weekend for derbies capped off with the affair in Manchester. Understandably, a contest between two clubs that have spent nearly a billion pounds sterling combined for their current managers [Manchester City/Pep Guardiola/£541.9,…

Champions League
2018/19 Champions League preview: Real Madrid turnover, Juventus intent
08:00 Monday 17th September 2018

The 2018/19 campaign may be a watershed for UEFA. Signs portend the dawn of a new era. The continental federation awarded Luka Modric its best player award, recently. FIFA may follow suit, bestowing the Ballon d'Or on a player not named…

Is Bibiana Steinhaus the perfect referee?
09:00 Friday 24th August 2018

It’s said the best referee is the one you don’t notice. If that’s the case, Bibiana Steinhaus did an excellent job in her first Bundesliga season. She prefers anonymity despite deserving recognition. Not only is she quietly…

World Cup
Paolo Guerrero: the old dog who still knows a few tricks
08:00 Thursday 21st June 2018

Two continents are all I can handle. Really, not even that. At a given point, I can’t tell you what’s happening with the Allsvenskan or Ukrainian Premier League. Obviously, I’ve heard of Shakhtar Donetsk and Malmo, but their…

Managerial News
Is Carlo Ancelotti primed to manage Chelsea again?
12:00 Monday 14th May 2018

They say, that in football, that you never go back. Carlo Ancelotti, the great Italian manager that has won three Champions League titles is still out of work after being sacked by Bayern Munich back in September 2017. He has been linked to…

Champions League
Can Wednesday night follow Tuesday's spectacular Champions League action?
10:00 Wednesday 11th April 2018

The Champions League quarterfinals have been lit. With plutonium. What was it the Americans said when they went to Iraq? Shock and awe? In the first-leg,  Liverpool trampled City. Last night, they did it again. Barcelona ran…

Womens Football
Can Bayern Munich win two Bundesliga titles in one season?
10:00 Friday 6th April 2018

There’s a possibility Bayern Munich can celebrate two Bundesliga titles in one season. Here's how. The men’s side have been both intimidating and dominant in the league almost since they were admitted. But the Bavarians…

Champions League
Who will reach the Champions League semifinals?
10:00 Monday 2nd April 2018

The road to Kyiv hasn't been an easy journey. We're down to eight clubs now, and the first legs in the quarterfinals begin this week. The draw caused some fuss. Conspiracy theorists in England found Manchester City and Liverpool matched…

Champions League
Why Manchester City can win the Champions League
17:00 Monday 26th March 2018

When Pep Guardiola gets his teams going they become very hard to stop. It happened at Barcelona and Bayern Munich to some extent. He won the Champions League trophy twice in his four-year spell at the Catalan giants, but failed to win…

PSG should go all out for N’Golo Kante
08:30 Monday 26th March 2018

This season was supposed to herald Paris Saint-Germain's dominance on the European scene. It turned out to be an anti-climax. They crashed out in the Champions League first knockout round to holders Real Madrid. That in itself is…

3 on-loan players flourishing this season in the Bundesliga, La Liga, and Championship
09:00 Monday 5th February 2018

Although it isn't always evident, big clubs tend to have great youth-setups. Top sides participating in competitive leagues might look towards La Masia and dream of producing the likes of Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi. Or they might take…

European Football
5 teams that gave their fans the best Christmas gift
08:30 Tuesday 26th December 2017

Christmas allows footballers and fans alike to unwind and spend time with family members. Not in England, but generally speaking Football differs from Christmas in that it's usually better to receive than give gifts, as any defender who's…

The 12 Days of Football: Four Calls Blown?
08:00 Tuesday 26th December 2017

On the fourth day of football, FIFA gave to me four calls blown/Three French clubs/Two title races/ and Antonio Conte and a back three. Welcome to the fourth installment in It's Round and It's White’s 12 Days of Football,…