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Premier League
Make or break for Chelsea's academy
12:00 Monday 11th June 2018

Chelsea Football Club is facing a significant amount of turmoil, namely billionaire owner Roman Abramovich's potential departure. At this time, then, it's imperative the Blues appreciate and utilise valued assets. The key one being…

Summer transfer deals so far - Ligue 1
21:00 Sunday 16th July 2017

Thanks to the talent coming through Clairefontaine, French football's national youth academy, as well as the added interest and competition fostered by Qatari investment in Paris Saint-Germain, Ligue 1 has grown in respect and quality. Talent…

Another one slips through the cracks – Bertrand Traore officially leaves Chelsea
11:18 Tuesday 27th June 2017

When Antonio Conte joined Chelsea, many who didn't know him, held out hope that he'll be the one to give youth a chance. Those of us who knew better, knew it was going to be same old, same old. Bertrand Traore, one of Chelsea's brightest prospects…

2012 Africa Cup of Nations Preview
02:21 Saturday 14th January 2012

The Africa Cup of Nations is one of my favourite international tournaments, and I'm delighted that the 2012 edition kicks off in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea on the 21st January. I watched the last two tournaments, in Angola and Ghana with interest,…