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Womens Football
12 Days of Football 2019/20: Nine ladies playing
08:01 Sunday 29th December 2019

On the ninth day of football, UEFA gave to me Nine ladies playing, Eight managers managing, Seven sides-a-sinking, Six games amazing, Five Golden Goals! Four calls blown, Three French clubs, Two title races and  Liverpool and Man City…

Is Bibiana Steinhaus the perfect referee?
09:00 Friday 24th August 2018

It’s said the best referee is the one you don’t notice. If that’s the case, Bibiana Steinhaus did an excellent job in her first Bundesliga season. She prefers anonymity despite deserving recognition. Not only is she quietly…

Womens Football
How has Bibiana Steinhaus performed since her historic Bundesliga debut?
09:00 Tuesday 27th February 2018

When Hertha Berlin played host to Werder Bremen on Bundesliga Matchday Three, history was made. Germany's top-flight witnessed its first game officiated by a female referee. It was a proud day for women in football, not just in Germany.…

Bibiana Steinhaus: Belated progress, miles to go before we sleep
09:00 Thursday 24th August 2017

Bibiana Steinhaus is the first female referee in an elite UEFA league. Public opinion is on her side. Privately, some still question her promotion. I probably shouldn't be writing this. Bibiana Steinhaus doesn't need a man's approval…

The rise of Bibiana Steinhaus
17:41 Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Bibiana Steinhaus is set to make history. The Bundesliga appointing a female official clearly indicates gender equality is gaining more ground in the game. Steinhaus has become a celebrity since the DFB referee commission announced her promotion…