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Book Review: On This Day
19:01 Tuesday 3rd December 2019

To comprehensively bind the entire history of a football club within a single book can be overwhelming not just for the writer but the reader as well. Even the most fanatical supporters of Britain’s oldest clubs may balk when presented…

Book Review: Colin Grainger - The Singing Winger
15:01 Saturday 16th November 2019

When reading footballers’ autobiographies, I often get the impression their ghostwriters had the devil of a time getting anything interesting out of them. Picture some overpaid hack begging an ex-international to say something interesting,…

Book Review: Why are we always on last?
17:01 Thursday 20th June 2019

Every single weekend during the domestic football season, we all tend to find ourselves sat perched in front of the television with one eye open (after sinking a few cans) patiently waiting for Match of the Day to begin. You hear…

Premier League
Book Review: Lacashire Turf Wars - A Football History
17:00 Monday 3rd December 2018

In the early goings, football up North was a relative unknown. Over the next 150 years, though, the sport would grow from strength-to-strength with Lancashire at the very heart. Steve Tongue's Lancashire Turf Wars gives you the rundown…

Book Review - Can't Buy That Feeling - Inside Leicester City
17:00 Wednesday 28th November 2018

Leicester City's Fox fanzine was established in 1987. In its time, the periodical compiled an impressive portfolio of interviews. ‘Can’t Buy That Feeling’ brings the most interesting together in one book. Former City managers,…

Book Review: Tony Collins: Football Master Spy
13:30 Thursday 2nd February 2017

Tony Collins is a well-respected former player, manager, assistant coach, and chief scout. In this book - Tony Collins: Football Master Spy, which was released six months ago, it provides a detailed account of his career in the game he holds…

Book Review - Of Fossils & Foxes – The Official, Definitive History of Leicester City Football Club
21:35 Sunday 15th January 2017

In 2016 Leicester City became champions of England, Premier League winners and debutants in Europe's glamorous Champions League.  It hasn't always been like this as the 2015-16 triumph represented the pinnacle in the club's 132 years of existence.…

Book Review - Cardiff City Rebranded - Bluebirds and Red Dragons
00:03 Wednesday 23rd November 2016

In 2012, Cardiff City, a proud club with a cherished history and a passionate fan-base faced a rebrand like that never seen before in British football. It lasted 947 days and would rock the club to its very core.   Title: Cardiff…

Book Review: Ron Atkinson: The Manager
13:55 Tuesday 1st November 2016

The memoirs of one of the most well-known British football managers over the last thirty years were recently released. Titled Ron Atkinson: The Manager, the book describes in detail Big Ron's career as a player, manager, and television…

Book Review: The Wenger Revolution
13:43 Monday 24th October 2016

Arsene Wenger recently celebrated 20 years as manager of Arsenal. Wenger's journey with the club has seen some incredible moments, along with some painful defeats, and it's all retold in this compelling book: The Wenger Revolution: Twenty years…

Book Review: Fearless: The amazing underdog story of Leicester City
13:24 Thursday 22nd September 2016

In the newly released book: Fearless: the amazing underdog story of Leicester City, the greatest miracle in sports history; Jonathan Northcroft recounts Leicester City's incredible journey, which culminated in the Foxes being crowned Premier…

Book Review: The Bundesliga Blueprint: How Germany became the home of Football
13:00 Sunday 28th August 2016

Germany have just won the 2014 World Cup and the nation celebrates. With players like Mario Götze having their best years in front of them it seems likely that Germany will be entering a period of dominance like Spain before them. Yet, fourteen…

Book Review: My Gentleman Jim
17:07 Thursday 4th August 2016

Jimmy Hill was one of the most well-known British sports personalities of the last century. His achievements in football will be remembered for a long time, as will his infectious personality. My Gentleman Jim is a book about Jimmy's life,…