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Premier League
Will Boris Johnson's Brexit kill the Premier League?
15:00 Saturday 14th December 2019

Boris Johnson won the United Kingdom’s general election on Thursday by campaigning on a promise to “Get Brexit Done.” He achieved such a large majority that the former mayor of London can afford to take his time keeping the…

Jurgen Klopp: 'Brexit, Donald Trump, and Claudio Ranieri'
14:30 Monday 27th February 2017

When speaking ahead of Monday night's game between Leicester City and Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp described the recent dismissal of Claudio Ranieri as strange and mentioned it in the same sentence as both Brexit and Donald Trump. Was Ranieri's…

What Brexit could mean for football
12:00 Tuesday 31st January 2017

A hard Brexit is looming ominously on the horizon and with the politicians in Westminster voting on whether to pass Theresa May's plan to leave the EU this week some serious issues are being thrown up. The most pressing and serious of which…

Brexit could have a massive impact on the Premier League
16:24 Friday 24th June 2016

Yesterday, the Great British public voted on one of the biggest decisions in the history of our great nation, as a vote was cast to remain or leave the European Union. As we all know by now, leave scraped a marginal victory, and although the…