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Premier League
Manchester United: Too many baby faces, too few assassins?
08:00 Wednesday 4th December 2019

As I write this, there’s an elephant in the room. Mauricio Pochettino is on the market. Impatient Manchester United fans raise their hands on social media, squealing, “Ooh! ooh!” like the teacher’s pet in fourth form.…

Could these football managers make a comeback?
13:30 Thursday 4th May 2017

Will the return of Harry Redknapp entice other dormant managers to make a return? Redknapp's return could open the door for some other forgotten managers to get themselves back to mainstream working ways. Harry Redknapp's decision to accept…

Life after football: What are they doing now?
14:33 Monday 13th February 2017

As many footballers will tell you; fifteen to twenty years is all you get as a career – sometimes even less – and the career options once the boots are hung up aren't all that glamorous in many cases. Here, we'll look at some players who've…