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How will Rangers spend their summer?
12:00 Friday 14th June 2019

Throughout Scottish football history, the domestic scene has largely been dominated by Glasgow sides Rangers and Celtic. For years, the pair would take turns in winning the division while every other side just watched on in awe... That…

Premier League
Courteous captaincy for Cahill
09:00 Thursday 8th November 2018

Club captain. Pitch captain. The role is less defined than it used to be with the advent of captains completely excluded from the matchday squad. it reduces their importance. Gary Cahill is the Chelsea captain, despite being a cameo performer.…

The end in sight for the numerous Arsenal Sagas?
12:25 Thursday 4th August 2011

Most Arsenal fans will admit to being both anxious and excited for what the coming weeks hold for the club; will Cesc Fabregas finally get the move he appears to so badly want?  Will Samir Nasri sign on or sign out? Will Arsene Wenger finally…