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How far can Canada go on the international stage?
19:01 Friday 18th October 2019

When it comes to footballing powerhouses of the world, Canada isn’t exactly the first nation that springs to mind. The Canucks made it to the World Cup finals once, back in 1986, where they lost all three group stage games down in…

Womens Football
Can the Canadian women make some noise in France?
15:00 Tuesday 4th June 2019

If asked to name a football team who’ve dominated their competition for the past quarter-century, you might need a minute. Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain are newly risen. Bayern Munich and Juventus still have work to do to make…

World Cup
US, Canada, Mexico World Cup is a dead end for CONCACAF
17:00 Sunday 17th June 2018

Full disclosure: I hold citizenship in two of the three countries [sorry, Mexico] that have won the partnered bid to host the 2026 World Cup. From a patriotic standpoint, I should be at least 67% happy with the news. Yeah, about that. Obviously,…

World Cup
Where will the 2026 World Cup be held?
15:30 Tuesday 19th December 2017

After the controversies surrounding the most recent votes to host the World Cup, FIFA must go through it all again in May 2020 to decide where the 2026 tournament will be staged. It seems a long way off, but some nations have already put together…

Youth Scout
CONCACAF's Multinational World Cup Bid Ridiculous
15:00 Sunday 16th April 2017

There should always be more than one way to do something. What's more, people, if not cats, should remain open to alternative methods. I mention this because FIFA, through new president Gianni Infantino has expressed its desire to favor multinational…

MLS Conference Finals First Leg Preview
21:23 Sunday 20th November 2016

Major League Soccer's dramatic conclusion nears ever closer, with just four games left to play. Before the grand final where East meets West: the two conferences must determine their representative for the game. Who's going to be the champion…

Can Canada get back to the World Cup?
22:23 Friday 11th November 2011

This weekend on the tiny Caribbean island of St. Lucia the Canadian National Team is looking to secure a spot in the third round of FIFA World Cup qualification, and all they need to get there is either a point in St. Lucia on Friday or a point…

The Beckham Experiment - Failure Or Finally Redemption?
19:43 Friday 4th November 2011

David Beckham's first season in Major League Soccer back in 2007 coincided with my hometown club Toronto FC joining the league as an expansion club in that same year. The Galaxy's trip to Toronto was marked early on all of our calendars as…

Simeon Jackson - Forcing the Issue at Norwich City
23:25 Saturday 8th October 2011

Being a football supporter in Canada can sometimes be a trying experience.Earlier Friday afternoon we were able to watch at the same time English supporters were when Wayne Rooney melted down live in Montenegro while his English teammates did…