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Rest Of The World
Is Tristan Borges set for great things?
17:01 Thursday 16th January 2020

The Canadian Premier League’s inaugural season kicked off last year. The seven teams attracted reasonable crowds, established a decent standard of play and set solid foundations for the fledgeling domestic league. Professionals from around…

World Cup
US, Canada, Mexico World Cup is a dead end for CONCACAF
17:00 Sunday 17th June 2018

Full disclosure: I hold citizenship in two of the three countries [sorry, Mexico] that have won the partnered bid to host the 2026 World Cup. From a patriotic standpoint, I should be at least 67% happy with the news. Yeah, about that. Obviously,…

Rest Of The World
Canadian Premier League faces challenge to shine in MLS' shadow
15:00 Sunday 4th June 2017

Establishing a Canadian Premier League is an ambitious piece of nationalism from the Great White North. Unfortunately, sporting history on both sides of the Atlantic suggests it might be a dangerous exercise in vanity. Canada forcibly affirmed…

MLS Adds 3rd Canadian Club – the Montréal Impact
01:03 Thursday 24th November 2011

This coming Wednesday, in what has become an annual happening over the past few seasons as Major League Soccer keeps growing in size, there will be a uniquely North American event taking place in the form of the MLS Expansion Draft .The Montréal…

Can Canada get back to the World Cup?
22:23 Friday 11th November 2011

This weekend on the tiny Caribbean island of St. Lucia the Canadian National Team is looking to secure a spot in the third round of FIFA World Cup qualification, and all they need to get there is either a point in St. Lucia on Friday or a point…

Commentary: Growth of the MLS
00:57 Tuesday 2nd August 2011
By JJ Duke

After watching last night's MLS All-Star game, it hit me that professional soccer in the USA (and Canada) is on a serious up-rise. Even though the All-Stars got beat by a much stronger Manchester United side (who has outscored opponents 18-2…