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Can Luciano Spalletti open Juventus to Champions League possibilities?
09:00 Saturday 25th May 2019

Serie A bears a striking resemblance to playground football. Bear with me. I’m not disparaging Lega Calcio’s quality at all. Nor am I taking a dig at all the ugly name calling and crude mimicry that rains down from the stands although…

Fabio's Coup De Grace
22:11 Saturday 11th February 2012

Fabio Capello's train has finally crashed. It fell off the tracks after the 2010 World Cup and would have burned at Euro 2012. However, the FA took control of the train and it crashed prematurely in London on Wednesday.Four months before the…

Matchday 25 - Premier League Predictions 11/02/12
01:37 Saturday 11th February 2012

Man Utd 1-1 Liverpool Welcome to the Theatre of Dreams where it is pantomime week. We are going to hear plenty of "Boooooo-Hissssss" and "He's behind you!". It's a shame that the football is going to have to make do as the side-act. I think…

Why We Shouldn't Take The OX To The Euro's
22:36 Wednesday 8th February 2012

After a bit part role at the start of the season Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had a very successful spell scoring in the champions league for Arsenal and putting in some tremendous performances.He was thrust straight into the deep end against Manchester…

Why England can go far at Euro 2012
16:52 Wednesday 12th October 2011
By Fez

A lot of people will look at this story and totally dismiss it, and probably not even read it! But for those that do you may come around to my way of thinking...Ever since Euro 96 when England reached the Semi Finals the pressure has been on…

The Downfall of the England Team, the Managers and the FA
23:28 Saturday 8th October 2011
By Fez

What are your first memories of football and, in particular, the England Football Team?My first real memory is Euro 96, where penalty shootouts and crowd trouble were probably the main talking point. England fans seem to have cut out the trouble,…

International Roundup + Technology Debate
23:50 Monday 5th September 2011

International football is all about pride. To play for your country is thehighest honour that can be bestowed on a footballer. All the money of thenational game goes out of the window. This isn't a job, this is representingyour country on a…