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Diving: Cheating or a Skill?
00:16 Thursday 15th March 2012

Over the past few years there has been more and more talk about diving in Football. The continental way of the game has been brought in by foreign players earning their trade in the promise land; the Barclay's Premier League. Don't get me wrong,…

We Want Our Football Back
01:45 Saturday 14th January 2012

Ex pros from the 'good old days' and football fans nationwide have, for some time now, been fearing that the game has been heading in very much the wrong direction and is not ‘what it used to be'. The Billy Bremners, Ron Harrises' and Vinnie…

It's Time For The Players To Rescue Football
12:12 Thursday 23rd June 2011

Hand of God? More like hand of a cheat!Pride, commitment and passion . . . just some of the words that I would associate with football.Or that I would like to.Recently, I have begun more than ever to question the players in and around the game.…