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Football League Player Watch
An EFL all-City XI
17:00 Tuesday 24th September 2019

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman notoriously named all five sons and one daughter after himself. As a footballing nation, England is not quite that bad. The fact remains you'll find a ridiculous number of Cities, Towns, Uniteds,…

Premier League
Why Patrick Roberts' move to Norwich City is perfect for his development
17:00 Sunday 2nd June 2019

A youth favourite of Football Manager players once upon a time, it has been five years since Patrick Roberts’ breakthrough. A player once touted as a future star in English football. He has disappeared from the radar in the time…

Fa Cup
Can Watford rain on Manchester City's treble parade?
08:00 Saturday 18th May 2019

Due to their dominance, Manchester City head into the FA Cup final as overwhelming favourites to complete an unprecedented domestic treble. Pep Guardiola’s oil-rich Citizens claimed the Carabao Cup in February with penalty-shootout success…

Premier League
The 2007/08 Manchester City starting XI: Where are they now?
13:00 Wednesday 20th December 2017

Not many modern-day football fans will remember Manchester City before they had money. Before all the cup wins and league titles, Manchester City were just an average Premier League team, who usually competed at the higher end of the table…

Arsenal, Manchester City: The chasm in philosophy and finance
11:00 Tuesday 7th November 2017

Arsenal was dismantled in somewhat consummate fashion on Sunday afternoon. Manchester City, although benefiting from two errant referring decisions, was superior in every facet, controlling with a ruthlessly beautiful blend of command and creativity. …

Danny Rose: The curious case of Tottenham Hotspur's left-back
19:00 Saturday 12th August 2017

Well, who saw that coming? Was it overdue? In all honesty, one of the Spurs players were bound to say something about the elephant in the room. Who really saw Danny Rose being the leak? He did apologise and his apology was accepted. But has…

Man City 3-2 Spurs (Spurs Fan's Perspective)
14:52 Monday 23rd January 2012

As Mario Balotelli converted an injury time penalty, Spurs' title dreams were extinguished. A cruel ending to a fascinating game; goalless in the 55th minute, Bale made it 2-2 just nine minutes later. As injury time began, Bale was involved…

Retrospect Ref: Caught in a Webb
21:44 Tuesday 13th December 2011

Like any normal football fan of a Premier League team, I sat down to watch Match of the Day with a pizza from my local takeaway and a share-size bottle of coke.  Amazingly, the most controversial decision wasn't during any of the matches but…

After a start to forget, City still search for answers
11:51 Thursday 18th August 2011

Within a matter of minutes last night, the City season went from getting the wheels in motion on a tough year ahead, to said wheels falling off and smashing everything in its wake.I've witnessed a lot of losing of points in the dying embers…

Looking through the transfer window...
01:10 Tuesday 19th July 2011

...the top six As the summer progresses through days of ever-increasing amounts rain and drizzle, I thought I'd stay indoors and actually write something about the transfer window.I had a look at how well (who I consider to be) the top six…