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Do you like to write about football but need a platform to do so? Here at It’s Round and It’s White, we are always looking for new writers that share our passion for the beautiful game. Whether you’re an aspiring sports journalist, a football blogger or an everyday passionate fan with something you want to get off your chest – we want to hear from you!

What can I write about?

The subject’s football but the topics are your choice, we are not going to try and force you to write about anything in particular. You can write about absolutely anything that interests you about football, as long as the articles are accurate and well written, we’re happy to provide the microphone so that you can shout about it.

Join The It’s Round And It’s White ‘Writers Squad’ And Get Paid For Your Opinions

It’s Round And It’s White is delighted to offer writers the chance to earn money whilst voicing their opinions. Our new ‘Writer Squad’ programme rewards those writers who make regular and valuable contributions to the site. We have introduced this programme on the back of the growing number of sites out there that invite submissions from aspiring journalists and talented fans, but don’t reward the effort. As such, we’ve drawn up the following deal…

  • Earn £100 for every 15 articles published.
  • Payments are made via Paypal, all writers must ensure they have a valid paypal account.
  • Max number of submissions per writer is 15 per month.  Thus, £100 is the maximum one writer can earn in any four week period. A month runs from the 1st to the last day, and payments will be made the first week of the following month.
  • All articles must be 100% unique content (copy found on other websites will result in removal from the Writers Squad and no payments being made).
  • All articles must be minimum 500 words (no upper limit), this is because we want quality and see 500 words the minimum for a sound viewpoint to be made. If you are referencing rumours, quotes or other sources, these must be cited to the original (and credible) source. Additionally, headlines must be relevant to the subject you write about and before hitting publish, you must proof-read for spelling, grammar and double check any facts you include.
  • All writers are subject to a five article preview period, after your first five submissions, we will confirm whether you have been accepted to the squad, or not. This is nothing to worry about, providing you submit great, opinionated and well written content, you’ll be on the team. Once approved, the five articles will still count towards your first £100 payment after 15 articles.

How do I get involved?

If you’re keen to put pen to paper and become a member of the ‘Writers Squad’, get in touch with us using the form below, via DM on Twitter (@RoundAndWhite) or news@itsroundanditswhite.co.uk. We aim to be in touch within 48 hours and will provide you with a login so you can get up and running. To help support your application, please stipulate your specialist subject within football, for example, we are looking to increase our coverage of the following areas –

Premier League, Championship, League One, League Two, Non League, SPL, Champions League, MLS, Serie A, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1 and International football. Any specific club coverage is also invited. 

Fill in the details of your enquiry and we will reply within the next 48 hours.

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